Best meal plan??????

just wondering which is the best meal plan to follow if I was looking to gain some solid muscle??..“get-big” diet…or the “massive-eating” diet???

any suggestions are appreciated!


They’re all great!! And make sure you read the Pound O Week diet–a very easy to understand “eat everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink” diet. Not to sound like a T-Mag broken record but write it all down so you know where you go wrong.

I’d say Massive Eating and eat clean.

Pound o’ Week is really good, just be prepared to gain quite alot of fat in addition to muscle while doing this. don’t be a pussy, food was made for eatin and you have alot of eatin do do with the pound o week. Massive eating is really hard to follow. Just go insane on the pound o week and then burn the fat off with a keto diet later…that is prolly the fastest and easiest.

The Growth Surge Project has detailed diet info. Read Part II.

mattgq: A much more fundamental question you should ask is one that we’ve discussed on this site for quite some time: am I a “FAT Hardgainer” (i.e. with a tendency to rapidly put on fat but not lean body mass) OR am I a SKINNY hard gainer (i.e. you have difficulty putting on literally ANY kind of weight).(JB has alluded to some “in betweens” but these are certainly the broad catagories).

If you are a FAT hardgainer, you best use a diet that requires you to be VERY meticulous with your food, its amounts, combinations and your calculations. Otherwise, you’ll place your program months behind. So…Massive Eating/Don’t Diet would be best in this case…

If you’re a SKINNY hard gainer, then “bring it on, baby” and the Pound a’ Week will do…BUT still keep up with some record of what you eat, amounts, etc.


Probably the easiest weight gaining principle to follow is that of the pound O week diet. That is make sure the scale moves up 1 lb each week. To make the diet more effective you could combine this principle with the massive eating or other cleaner type diets for muscle mass without such fat accumulation

Massive eating is the only diet I have been able to stick with and consume the proper amount of calories (though I bump up the fat a bit). Carbs really make me feel bloated.