Man-O-Man, nothing helps alleviate the boredom of work on a Friday afternoon like reading the various arguments/discussions about sexuality, race, manliness, etc. I just wanted to post a quote that has meant a great deal to me, especially in dealing with people, and hopefully will ring true for some of you as well.
“When we lose the right to be different…
We lose the privilege to be free.” – Charles Evans Hughes

All i can say is that was beutifull my man beutifull.

It’s not beutiful to me. If you apply this to the real world, the exact opposite is also true, at times. What I mean is that we’re losing the right to be the same and that’s costing us our freedom. Look at the current state of politics. Look at all the class warfare, race warfare, and political correctness for example. In class warfare, the guy who earns $10,000 a year more than you is rich. This has led to a million laws and taxes that all restrict our freedom. Here’s a real life example of the brain washing of class warfare. I’ve had a guy tell me his “working class” family could only afford an $8,000 piano (that was his example having things tough as a kid). What the heck is “working class” anyways? It’s an undefinable term that you are and the rich guys are not. It’s a term to make us “different”. Perfect for pitting us against anyone who makes more money than ourselves. In race warfare, Jesse Jackson points out that we’re different. Enough said. In political correctness, “you’re different from me, you’re not allowed to say that but I am” You can’t call an Asian an Oriental. I can’t do it but a few of my friends and family members who are Asian do it. A non-Asian person could lose there job over this.

It's all a bunch of BS. How about we're all Americans, feel free to call me whatever the f-ck you want. Obviously, my point is these movements focus on our differences and they take away our freedoms.

Dude, America is the mixing pot of the world. Anyone who has a citizenship in America is an American. PERIOD. I get so tired of hearing African-American, Asian-American, etc. If I move to, say, Japan…would I be a American-Japanese…or if I moved to Africa would I be an American-African? I don’t understand why America has to add ethnicticity (sp?) into everything. I’ve never seen anything on T.V. about Americans living in other countries being tagged American-Whatever. I think that’s weird.

Or maybe I’m weird…I don’t know.

Methinks it is spelled beautiful. Just thought I would share

the sad part is we don’t realy HAVE that much freedom anymore ,and ALWAYS be carefull calling freedom a privilage, it is NOT, IT IS A RIGHT. to paraphrase a quote “when the people stop doing EXACTLY what the leaders say, we loose the FREEDOM in our society” guess who said that, thats right adolf hitler, so that was a society that thought freedom was a privilage. but in general I agree w/ you , I don’t realy see the problem w/ calling people what they would like to be called, if a group of people, doesn’t matter what group, find a term offensive what is so hard about calling them what they feel comfortable with? one thing I have to say that I don’t understand is pride in something you have no control over, we do not control what color we are, what country we come from, and depending on who you talk to our sexuality, so I realy don’t understand when someone says “I’m proud to be gay,italian,german,latin,ect…” I’m proud of things I DO and not things I can not control, well maybe I should, thats it from now on “I’M PROUD TO BE 5’10” there thats better, I can FEEL the pride surging thru my body :wink: now please understand I do understand how someone can feel pride in someone that came from a similar situation and acomplished something great (gives you the feeling that you can do it to) but to be proud of YOURSELF for something you had no control over, I don’t understand. oh, I’m sory I do now, I’M 5’10" and proud!!!

That makes more sense than anything I’ve read on these kinds of posts.

‘I’m proud of something I didn’t make happen and have no control over in any way.’ WHY? I’ve never thought about it like that before.

I agree with what every single one of you have just said. Even though alot of times here we get into rows over whatever we believe or don’t believe in the bottom line is we have the freedom her to at least say these things to each other.

I fond the PC movement out there quite amusing because they talk about having tolerance when it comes to other people and things but the minute someone doesn't agree with one of their prized agendas they get attacked as prejudiced in one way or another. Like if I say I should be allowed to make as much money as possible and should not have to pay a higher % of taxes because of it, I would get branded greedy or uncaring of the poor, even though I may give like a fair amount to charity or help old ladies across the street. People should be proud of who they are as themselves, not what race, sexuality, income, etc they come from. Just be proud that you are honoring your ancestors who sacrifices so much for you by going out and doing your best to contribute to society.Something like that.