Begin...The Rest is Easy

Haven’t been doing anything serious, have way too much going on to be able to focus on the gym. That isn’t to say i don’t have time more that my mental capacity for following a program isn’t quite there.

Done a few 20-30 min session at the gym and a 30 min peloton @ 171 watts, which isn’t a terrible number given my lack of commitment to cardio lately. Weight is still sticking around the same spot (261.6 this morning).

All things considered fitness and physique are holding up pretty well with the work/moving stress, we are getting a pod, today, that we’ll have a full week to load so that should make things easier while providing some surplus stimulus.


Got in for a little bit this morning, not a ton of work but something.

Hammer db curls: 25 2 x 15
Bench: 135 2 x 5, 185 x 10, 225 x 6, 245 x 5, 275 x 3, 295 x 2

Straight arm pulldown: 70 3 x 10
Face pulls: 70 4 x 10

Dips: -40 x 10, bw x 10, + 25 x8, + 35 x 10

Going to do a peloton this afternoon because the TDF is inspirational


Ooof, good luck on the move!

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This is not my actual mindset but I wish it was lol

So ready to be done with this. I need to stop moving so much, this house we’re moving into will be the 10th domicile I have lived in the last 10 years and the previous 5 were probably worse than that. The tax seems to be getting higher and higher, too.

The only reason I want to buy a house is to not have to move again anytime soon.


30 min peloton @ 143 watts, did high cadence low intensity to try to keep the hip/back from being too mad during the move…


Alright, move is mostly done, waiting for our stuff to be delivered but we made it and have enough stuff for a bit.

Got here yesterday and joined a bodybuilding gym (armbrust pro) today and got a leg session in. Gym isn’t “nice” but it has so many machines and implements, excited to be at a gym with some big boys. There were plenty of average joes but I am definitely no longer one of the biggest/strongest

Didn’t track weights or reps but

Ham curl

Hack squat


Quad extension