Begin...The Rest is Easy

Knocked out an easy 30 min peloton yesterday, wasn’t as easy as one would expect but not too hard either, slowly getting back into shape.

DC w6b2

Concentration Curl
“Formerly “seated curl” which isnt the same thing but using it as such.
Set 1: 35 lbs x 12
Set 2: 35 lbs x 7
Set 3: 35 lbs x 5

Reverse Curl (Barbell)
“Ez bar”
Set 1: 70 lbs x 10
Set 2: 70 lbs x 10

Shrug (Machine)
Set 1: 230 lbs x 13
Set 2: 230 lbs x 10
Set 3: 230 lbs x 9

Lying Leg Curl (Machine)
Set 1: 150 lbs x 13
Set 2: 150 lbs x 8
Set 3: 150 lbs x 6

Cable Crunch
“While waiting for leg press”
Set 1: 50 lbs x 10
Set 2: 70 lbs x 10
Set 3: 100 lbs x 10

Leg Press (Machine)
Set 1: 650 lbs x 9
Set 2: 650 lbs x 9
Set 3: 480 lbs x 21

Solid morning workout, nearing the end of my first blast with DC, enjoying it so far, think it’s getting me stronger and bigger without high injury risk.

Knocked out extra ab work in the middle of the session and hit more reps on everything except shrugs, which are new.

Still haven’t finished the shrug book, invested in a book on The Troubles but should get back to it soon


To be honest, I don’t find it all that much more useful and it requires me to post on my phone which is annoying because the mobile version of this site is rough for posting things. Notes just syncs through my icloud account so I can post from my computer. Not entirely sold on Hevy or any app, really. The timer is nice though, I frequently set one for myself, to slow myself down hah, and that requires more steps than using the app

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Nice to see things seemingly improving here! Any news on the health-front?

Did ~10 weeks of PT for the lower back/sciatica, it has become much more stable. Still some pain and stiffness but things are generally progressing, which is great. I’m not doing a lot of things that are going to make it worse at the moment, so we will see what happens if/when squats or deads are reintroduced into the plan.

Haven’t had a followup brain scan but the huge amount of tests they ran on me found a small amount of nerve dysfunction (sciatica related) and not much else, except for a false positive of lyme. Got a B12 injection, in hopes that would do something but not much there but have started supplementing it. Still tingling in the fingers all the time and frequently in the toes, can’t figure that out. I also have a large amount of fasciculations, especially in the calves and quads, but those have been around for awhile so we’re not sure where to go at this point other than regular checkups. On that note, I just got a reminder that I had an appt with a neurologist in 5 days, literally no idea why. So many doctor’s appointments haha

Mostly just trying to go with the flow, think my current diagnosis is idiopathic polyneuropathy.


That’s good to hear! Sciatica has a frustratingly long natural history, so try to not stress out about if you have some flare ups here and there (I know that’s easy to say, haha). It seem like you have a good habdle on it and the right attitude.

The other stuff sounds frustrating. Sorry to hear that! If I remember correctly rhere was concern about s possible brain tumor but if you haven’t had another scan then that’s probably still up in the air.
Pnp is a bitch and a little unusual for your age without a history of chemotherapy BUT I am sure you will be able to deal with that very well!

Yea, the MRI had that as the most likely outcome by far but a CT said that it was a venous varix and the neurosurgeon and neurologist I saw around that time seemed to think it didn’t require any action, at least not in the short term.

So, no brain surgery, which is great haha


Heh, at one point I was just typing in TNation on my phone. Wasn’t the best!

A lad in my gym uses a cheap small stopwatch with a magnet on that he puts on the equipment as a timer. Pretty handy.

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Well that’s fantastic then! I’m in a similar boat there actually. I do have a benign brain tumor that requires no action currently.

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Damn, I’m sorry to hear that, I hope that there is a clean resolution in the end. I partially understand the stress of having a brain tumor but only because I thought I had one for a few weeks, shit is not fun. They thought I had a meningioma abutting the trigeminal nerve, have you had an MRI and a CT already?

Feel free to reach out, if you need.

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Thanks mate. I have known about it for a few years now. It sits at the hypophysis and I too had all kind of exams for it at first and then one MRI a year for 5 years and now nothing (still check ups to see if it grows but less frequent).
Among other potentially life threatening health statuses, I have survived leukemia already. I probably won’t break longevity records but I’m hard to kill, haha.


Did a 4+ mile hike this morning with a decent amount of hills, beautiful day but still ended up drenched in sweat.

Waffled on hitting the gym but decided after I ate some lunch (pineapple, chicken tenders, ribs) that I had it in me.

DC w6a3

Incline Bench Press (Barbell)
“-1, going to swap this out”
Set 1: 205 lbs x 10
Set 2: 205 lbs x 5
Set 3: 205 lbs x 3

Overhead Press (Barbell)
“Swiss bar, +3”
Set 1: 135 lbs x 11
Set 2: 135 lbs x 5
Set 3: 135 lbs x 4

Triceps Dip (Weighted)
Set 1: 10 lbs x 12
Set 2: 10 lbs x 10
Set 3: 10 lbs x 8

Chin Up
“Neutral, +1”
Set 1: 11 reps
Set 2: 6 reps
Set 3: 5 reps

Iso-Lateral Row (Machine)
“Single arm”
Set 1: 185 lbs x 9
Set 2: 185 lbs x 9

Never quite got right on the incline bench but I don’t really care about it and lost ground so I’m going to sub it out with something, not sure what though. Maybe something slightly easier on the shoulders.

Everything else was solid if uninspired. Think this is probably the first time since college I’ve done a weighted dip, didn’t feel that different. Room to grow here.

One more workout then the blast is over


DC w6b3

Seated Incline Curl (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 30 lbs x 14
Set 2: 30 lbs x 7
Set 3: 30 lbs x 5

Hammer Curl (Cable)
Set 1: 80 lbs x 11
Set 2: 80 lbs x 10

Shrug (KB)
“Trying to figure out the movement here, traps were on fire by the end of this, sill incorporate RP next session. Had my off hand resting on bench, hinged at the waist”
Set 1: 50 lbs x 15
Set 2: 50 lbs x 15
Set 3: 50 lbs x 15

Seated Leg Curl (Machine)
“Added weight here”
Set 1: 145 lbs x 13
Set 2: 145 lbs x 11
Set 3: 145 lbs x 11

Squat (Belt)
“Dropped weight at the too but did more work. Added 2 reps to widomaker.”
Set 1: 255 lbs x 8
Set 2: 255 lbs x 8
Set 3: 200 lbs x 22

After a few consecutive days of quite good stomach behavior things sped up today but by the time I got into the gym (noonish) I felt fine. Everything was solid and the shrugs felt like a better use of my time than calves.

Belt squat had my left knee feeling a bit iffy (going down on the hike probably didn’t help) but it warmed up by the 2nd work set. Glad I didn’t go higher with the weight though, widowmaker felt like death but I wasn’t nearly as close to failure as last time


Didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my cruise/deload phase of DC but got in and did about 15 min of work this morning.

5 rounds:
Prowler Push: 135lbs
Prowler Pull: 135
KB Swings: 60 x 20

2 rounds:
Prowler Push: 180 x 4

Was planning on doing more but bailed after that, got the HR up immediately and kept it that way though the session. Decided during the skyrocketing HR phase that instead of playing around with bench or moving other lifts in during this week I’ll just stick to conditioning efforts with maybe a little bit of pump work.

Unfortunately, I won’t have a smooth blast after this. Going out of town from Fri-Mon next week and then am moving most of the way across the country in ~5 weeks. Shouldn’t matter too much though, will just do what I can and keep trying to limit my snacking haha


We did that once. (Well, technically twice, because we eventually moved back-ish.) It was exciting and exhausting all at the same time.

In any case, hope it goes super-smoothly for you and that it brings nothing but awesomeness once you’re settled on the other end!

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That’s pretty much what we are doing.

Seattle → Upstate, NY → Colorado

24 hours of driving vs 40 though, so might not be too bad.

In any case, hope it goes super-smoothly for you and that it brings nothing but awesomeness once you’re settled on the other end!

Appreciate it, things are looking promising!


Did a hotel gym workout on Monday, just some cardio arms, and core.

5 rounds of sled work with 180lbs
3 push, 1 pull per round

First 3 rounds I supersetted KB curls, last 2 Bulgarian split squats

Reverse hyper: 90 3 x 10

Tricep, face pull, core superset to end it.

Whole workout took 25-30 minutes, heart rate got up and I moved a bit of weight, good enough. Happy Juneteenth!