Begin...The Rest is Easy

This is good news, popcorn is life.


No question that these steps would help, especially that stimulants part. Easier said than done though - because, well, life. lol

I’m always here if ya need or want me and definitely keep us posted on how things are going!

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Pushing the next lift to Friday, slept in today and it felt great.

Knocked out a 40 minute walk and a 20 min peloton before a meeting, getting stiff in the meeting currently. Will knock out some standard fare core tonight and get another walk or 2 in.


DC w4b2

Seated db curl: 35 x 23 (11,6,6) +2

Reverse Ez curl: 70 2 x 9 +2

Calf raises: 170 x 15
Wasn’t paying attention and did half of these as normal reps while talking to a friend

Ham curls: 150 x 25 (12,7,6) +1

Leg press: 650 x 8,9, 480 x 20 +1 rep, +10 lbs

Did all the stretches, the 90 seconds at the end of widowmaking is miserable.

Waited until the afternoon for this, been low on motivation the last week. Been dropping weight with diet changes, might be playing a role.

In any case, glad to get this out of the way. Will be in 2 of the next 3 days, not sure when yet tho


Went to Wegmans this morning and got a flank steak and a discount rib eye (I think, don’t remember honestly).

Also had some salad from last night that had grilled chicken on it. Meats


DC w4a3

Incline bench press: 205 x 19 (10,5,4) +2

Swiss OHP: 135 x 17 (9,4,4) +2

Dips: bw x 31 (17,8,6) +5

NG chins: 21 (10,6,5) +1

ISO-lateral row, single arm: 180 2 x 8 +1 set

Slept til 9 this morning, amaaaazing. Stomach still isn’t right but I think we’re getting there, felt pretty solid throughout the workout. I also gave myself enough time to rest between movements and warm up sets, think that helped.

Hit 259.8 this morning after spending the last 4 or so months in the mid 260s, nice to see a little bit more leanness, will make beating the logbook harder but I’ll just switch movements when that happens to give myself a little grace.


That’s one nice looking steak there buddy


He should save some for the both of us next time.

SMH…greedy ass



@boilerman hit the spot for sure, love grill season.

@tlgains coulda sworn I shipped some to your mom’s house

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Lying db curl: 30 x 24 (12,6,6) +2

Rope Hammer curl: 80 x 10,8 +1

Standing calf raises: 95lbs of KB x 30, first 5 were slow, too boring

Seated hamstring curl: 135 x 42 (18,13,11) +6

Belt squat: 245 x 7, 275 x 7, 200 x 20 added weight plus reps on set one and +5lbs on widowmaker

Solid enough, stomach was surprisingly acidic feeling this morning, never got completely right but workout went fine except that it was hard. Been decreasing caffeine and coffee consumption, hoping that will help sort things out

Barely got the reps on the last set of belt squat and the widowmaker, pretty damn grueling. I even gave myself 3 min rest before the widowmaker but that barely cut it, banged out 7 good ones to start, got a couple triples, a double then a bunch of miserable singles. Quads are going to grow at least.

Think for the next 2 week block I’ll put in traps in place of calves, will have to figure out what I want to do for them


DC w5a1

Slight incline db bench: 110 x 19 (11,5,3) +3

Machine shoulder press: 190 x 25 (13,7,5)

Tri overhead: 60 x 26 (13,7,6) +4

Precor pulldown: 240 x 26 (13,7,6)

Chest supported row: 90 2 x 12

Alright, starting to feel like a human again. Felt better yesterday, stomach wise, than I had in months, super glad to be seeing some substantive progress, a single coffee in the late morning might’ve been the trick.

Added 10lbs to press and pulldown but didn’t lose any reps, gained weight and reps for rows and gained reps on triceps and bench.

Not sure where I want to go with the incline bench, my gym has 120s, 130s, and 150s. I’ve gained reps the last 2 weeks on this movement but I don’t really like the idea of 120 yet, will probably stick with this for a few more sessions before jumping. Like normal, I am wanting to get to a 4 plate bench but am trying to avoid it as DC stuff I have read generally doesn’t want it included (exception being 20 rep sets with pauses lol)


I remember reading (maybe from @T3hPwnisher in @alex_uk log… Maybe from one of Dante’s posts on another forum… Maybe both) that DB movements should be taken up to 30 reps before adding weight. I’ve been doing that and it makes the jump a little more manageable.


Oh, perfect, I missed that but that sounds like a good plan! Appreciate you weighing in, gives me something to follow haha

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Since tomorrow will be my first day of subbing out traps for calves i went ahead and got the kindle version of Kelso’s Shrug Book! Going to try to sneak a read in before I hit the gym tomorrow


Hell yeah dude! Everything from Paul is a real treat.

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DC w5b1

Preacher curl: 70 x 30 (17,8,5) +2

Hammer curls: 40 x 2 x 10
Little sloppy at the end

Kelso shrugs, incline bench: 65 x 28 (12,9,7)

RDL: 295 x 11 +1

Hack squat: 200 2 x 8, 155 x 20

Curls were strong for both varieties

Got ~20% of the way through the shrug book but watched a few videos of how to perform these, will finish it this weekend.

Odd movement but feel it immediately. Did these with dumbbells and a supinated grip, felt the lower traps really well.

RDL didn’t feel great in the lower back, probably just need to warm up better or find another movement.

Quads and heart screaming after the widowmaker, heck. Added 2 reps per set on the heavy ones and 5lbs to the widowmaker.


Using an app to log workouts, format slightly different

DC w5a2

Incline Bench Press (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 90 lbs x 15
Set 2: 90 lbs x 7
Set 3: 90 lbs x 5

Shoulder Press (Dumbbell)
Set 1: 75 lbs x 11
Set 2: 75 lbs x 5
Set 3: 75 lbs x 4

Seated Dip Machine
“+20lbs over last week”
Set 1: 270 lbs x 17
Set 2: 270 lbs x 11
Set 3: 270 lbs x 9

Iso-Lateral High Row (Machine)
Set 1: 250 lbs x 14
Set 2: 250 lbs x 9
Set 3: 250 lbs x 7

Seated Cable Row - Bar Grip
“Narrow grip, +2”
Set 1: 150 lbs x 13
Set 2: 150 lbs x 8
Set 3: 150 lbs x 5

Much better performance than 2 weeks ago, went into this feeling like I was in a fog but the weights kicked me out of that. Hit some face pulls and all the stretches too, going to grill some meat in a bit and get some food in


Which app dude? I always just used a notes app and paste last weeks workout in whilst adding the +1s, but if it’s tracking simply with +number then it might be right up my street.

It doesn’t actually track that number, I just added it in the “notes” section of the lift. App is called Hevy, it’s a bit easier than using Notes and adds timers and some other functionality but isn’t smart enough (on the free level at least) to track the + reps over workouts afaik.


Ah, i believe I’ve already got it on my phone. I always found clicking from different fields to enter the weights and numbers more tedious than bashing on the keyboard. I know there’s a ton of benefits to these apps - I guess I just get lazy with it and never gave them enough time to get out of my “tried and true”. I’m just about to start tracking again so maybe I’ll give it a fair whack this time.

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