Ban Jason Baran

Just don’t respond, he obviously thrives on attention which we all gave him plenty of, just stop and he will go away. Since he is dumb enough to use his real name all over the internet, I am sure there is some psycho looking to track him down and violate him anally. From here on out, no response, it got this way because we let him. It’s really our fault and not his. Anybody can get really popular by just pissing people off. The best way to get rid of attention loving people is not to give them any. I for one will not respond to anything he says. If we all follow suit things will work them selves out naturally. As tempting as banning him sounds, I don’t want it because I myself don’t want to be banned just because I pissed somebody off. Of course, all you need is a new email address and a new alias and your back in buisness. From here on out, I will ignore his posts as if they weren’t there, I encourage the rest of you who dislike his messages to do the same. I am ignoring his name starting…now.