Back...Into the Deep End

Greetings one and all. Just another guy coming back after a 4ish year layoff…(dang). Vital stats: Met BiggJames at the Mens Open here in Denver some years back. Sat in the same room with Miss B.Fury…(but didn’t get to meet). I once spent two hours, up a tree, after being chased by barnyard animals. That story is better in person, but give me a break, I’m a city boy at heart!

5’10"-185 lbs…“Do you even lift Bro?”. I’m working on it. I am a volume junkie when I train. I will go 1-3 reps, really like 5x5s, but just can’t leave well enough alone, and generally go 8-12 and more to finish/flush out whatever I’m training that session. Generally speaking, I’m just a guy who likes to train, and look/feel like I do.

Hello again to: Biggjames, DCA, Soldog, Hell, SteelyD, Carl the oly/thrower/math teacher from Vegas…the other Carl, Ksnap,PMPM, Miss f. and some other gals I like to follow, names are escaping me for now…That guy who did farmer walk with cinder blocks and chains around his neighborhood. mjnewland (?) Dang, it’s been to long.

Godspeed and Great lifting to you all. Merry Christmas, and Happy Whatever you want.


As a starting(again) point for the record, Lifting again for 4 months, I’ve done the following in the past 2 weeks.

–Bench 5x5 @ 155…have not pushed harder yet.
–Squats 5x5 @ 185…did 225 for 3x3 once. Again, not pushing to hard yet.
–Deads–5x5 @ 225…Do these 3 lifts every session (3-4 days). As a warm-up, Indigo Project style. I like doing this quite a bit.
–Rack Pulls at knee, triples @ 315, not very good.
–Dips 3x12 @ BW
–Hip Thrusters, a new favorite-- 4x10@ 225
–Haven’t tried a pull/chin up in 5+ years.
–High pull from floor–8x3@145. Another favorite.
–Push Press-- same as above… both these lifts are pretty even; quick, explosive and fairly steady in the end position. Feels like a good balance to have.
Can’t think of any other good ‘benchmark’ lifts to mention.

I think it is time to start ‘pushing’ harder overall. Oh yes, I think it is…

EDIT: Add Floor Press: 5x5@175…gonna do more/replace bench for a bit.
DB Flat Press: 4x8@ 65’s…doesn’t bother shoulder

z-man - welcome back.

formerly kmcnyc- there are some old hands here some with name changes
just sniff around

Bscience–just the kinda guy I was talking about! Thanks, and good to be back.

Tuesday 12/9- my ‘low energy day’:

Daily warm-up--  Squats: 2x8@135/ 3x5@ 155
                            Floor Press: 8@ 135/ 5x5@175...Never done these, ever.   Gonna do in place of bench for awhile. 
                            Front squats: 5x5@135- between presses. 
                            Deads:            5x5@185...easy, move up next time. 

                            Hip Thrusters:  ...worked up to 4x15@ 205..pretty good, power up/controlled down. 
                             Dips :   5x5@BW...Just starting with these again.  Always liked weighted reps, maybe again soon. 

                            Work a 'double' on Mondays= low energy Tuesday!  If I train it's extra, or I'll just sleep until I work again. 

     Wednesday:  Phone/alarm ended up in bed and under the dog.  Not sure who was responsible for this, as we both enjoy sleeping in.  Went for a 45min walk/jog before work. 

My training schedule/access as of now.

Monday: Work a double, no gym time.
Tues: Mostly sleep, usually no gym time.
Wens/Thurs/Fri: Main gym days. At my Rec Center with available heavy weights, equipment and room to work. These are my ‘big three’
days to lift.
Sat/Sun: Lift (1 or 2 days) at ‘other gym’. It has up to 65’s DBs; up to 145lbs. on a straight bar, pulldown and pec-deck machines. No racks,smiths, or other machines of any use. Much like an old “hotel gym” as my better half calls it! But it’s 5 blocks away and free…so there’s that.

I AM doing two hours each day at the Rec Center, start to finish,which gets a lot of work done usually. Working on increasing weights and pushing hard/safely in the Hammer Strength Power Rack 2000.
I AM using Indigo everyday, and Plazma on my Rec Center days plus a sat or sun when I’m able.
I AM happy with both. Not the best or worst schedule I’ve dealt with, but it’s what i got for now.

Onward and upward…

THURS–12.11 S–2x8@135/ 3x5@155

Floor Press: 8@135,155,185/ 5x5@205…(med.hard) Sarah–8@65,85/ 5x8@90…easy

Hammer Incline: 2x8@135/ 8@155,185/ 5x8@205…(med.hard) Sarah–8@10/ 5x8@20…easy

Low Fly: 10@30,40/ 2x10@50/ 2x10@40’s…band pulls in between each set.

Dips: 5x5 BW

1/2 Squats: 5x5@ 185…cable crunches/roll outs.

FRIDAY 12.12-- S-5x5@135
B- 5x5@135
D–3x5@225/ 5@235,245…

Rack Pulls: 2x5@ 274/ 5x5@ 295
Trap Deads: 2x5@225/ 5x5@245
High Pulls: 5x8@50’s…Done circuit style.

Bent rows: Low,dead stop,smith machine… 8@ 135,155,175/ 2x8@195/ 8@175/ 8@175,155,135 drop set to finish.

Lying curls: 4x15@85
Extensions: 4x15@125…super-sets.

Thursday and Friday felt pretty good overall. Good energy, no shoulder pain.

What was your name on here previously?

[quote]kpsnap wrote:
What was your name on here previously?[/quote]

Zildjianman: 2006-2010 under the over-35-lifter (of course). Not much of interest from back then; good gym mishap stories is all really. I know I’m outta shape for my taste, I don’t need to read about it!

Thanks for stopping by.

Wens: Skipped the gym before work. Let personnel BS dictate my actions. “Don’t let emotions dictate your behavior, let behaviors affect your emotions”. Something like that.

Holiday season means generous gifts/tips from my residents at work; including any kind of ‘sweets’ that exist. I plan on putting as many of these calories to work as I can.

I have the next two days off and WILL spend quality time at the Rec Center, and painting my dining room. I have agreed to plans coming up that I MAY cancel, for my own mental health! Time will tell.


oH MY! You have a log!!! HURRAY!!! :D!!!

After 5 days off training…and before 3days of work plus holiday/B-day dinners (and no training)…this happened.

Thurs 12/18-- Warm-up: Hammer Incline-2x15@135
Deads - 5x5@225
Bench -5x5@135
Sq. -5x5@135 w/face pulls

            Hip Ext--4x15@BW
            Seated Calf-- 4x8@90
            Dips            --4x8@BW
            Overhead P.--4x8@90 (no pain)
            Front Squats--------------------------8@135/ 5@155/ 3x5@185/ 3x3@205+10@135 drop set to finish.   Get it's a PR.  Never gone over 185 for these before.  Very good depth,tempo..pretty smooth.   Groovy.
            Seated Overheads--2x8@135/5@155/ 3x5@175/2x12@135
            Seated rows/facepulls:  30rep sets as 'finishers'.

            Just trying to get a bunch of parts moving.   ***Front squats submitted for B.Fury approval. 

Fridays version.
12/19 Warm-up SQ–5x10@155
Fronts: 4x10@155

                         Seated curls:  4x20@90
                          Extension   :   4x20@120
                          Seated Calf:   4x10 @ 90....circuit style. 

                       ***Chins/neutral/pullups:  3x3@ all three grips.  Dead stop, dead hang.  Could've done 5 of each.  I mentioned earlier that I had not even TRIED a chin/pullup in 5ish years.  Groovy again.

                           Bent rows:  8@135,155,175/ 2x8@195/ 3x8@175, drop set back down to finish (24 reps). 

Again, trying to get it all moving. As I type Sunday morning, I’m feeling Fronts and pullups a lot (go figure); pretty much everything I hit, but in a well-worked sense. Another B-day dinner to soak up tonight; steak and cheesecake again perhaps? Wont lift again until Wednesday; extra holiday work and such, but feel good right now.

                        ***Thanks again B.Fury, the wind beneath my pullups ( and Fronts Sq.) 

  ERIC D.  

Holiday/B-day stuff takes to much dam time!

Last 4 days off lifting this time; drag. I am collecting a lot of Holiday Spirit from my people at work, so that’s nice for sure…and candy of course.

Wednesday 12.24.14: Warm-up is now… Sq- 2x5@155/ 3x5@185
OH- 5x10@90
DL- 5x5@225
BE- 5x5@155…Overheads will go up, as bench is dropped in the next week.

 A mixed bag for the rest (again).  8-12 rep range for  Incline press,front sq, lying curls, extensions, leg press, 6x3 of pull/chin ups,  cable crunchs, seated rows and face pulls...

Hope to lift after my Christmas shift tomorrow, and then my day off Friday as well…we shall see…and then maybe back to whatever normal will turn out to be THIS time.

12.25…after work.

                 Overhead press:   10@125
                  Low DB press  :    8@ 65's
                  High Incline      :    12@ 45's
                   Pullovers         :     15@ 35...........3 rounds complex style. 

                     O.P/ DB press:   same as above
                       Power fly      :   12@ 55's
                     High Inc.         ;   12@ 55's
                       Pullovers       :    15@35......  4 rounds complex style. 
              Felt pretty good.  AC/shoulder pain all but gone.  Feeling it a bunch in Tri's as I type Saturday.   

12.26… at the rec center: Misc. B.S. Crowded, couldn’t get anything heavy done after standard warm-ups. Did light pull/posterior workout with seated rows, high pulls, band/face pulls ect…lying curls,hip extensions. A few new female athletes training these days, always a plus to see; good motivation of course.

Just as a reminder…The 365 New Years Challenge from B.S.L. thread. 1upper/1lower body move 180-185 reps of each.

Hip Thrusts/Low incline bench: 185 reps each @ 185 (BW)

This was the first combo I thought of; gonna stick with it. How long will it take? I’ll find out this Wednesday before work.

Can’t lift for the next 3 days anyway, per my usual schedule, so why the heckfire not!

I’ve been obsessing about 185 for this challenge, and it will be tough, but screw it.

Gonna do it Thursday, a day off, instead of Wednesday before work. Just no time for both in one day!

Gonna post sets/reps, and overall times; before and after pics may be good for a laugh.

My “Challenge Lift” is on hold; extra shifts to finish the year off…Friday is the day ! As of now, I haven’t trained since Saturday, and I’m not feeling all that great about it.

EDIT: Workout will be Hip Thrusters/ Floor Press 185 reps each @ 185lbs. Easier to manage at a busy rec center…

My god that is a wild amount of reps!!! So like…18 and a half sets of 10…or just tons of singles!! DUDE! I can be a rep junkie myself! I hope it goes well!

[quote]denver z-man wrote:
My “Challenge Lift” is on hold; extra shifts to finish the year off…Friday is the day ! As of now, I haven’t trained since Saturday, and I’m not feeling all that great about it.

EDIT: Workout will be Hip Thrusters/ Floor Press 185 reps each @ 185lbs. Easier to manage at a busy rec center…[/quote]

I was wrong. The plan above would not have worked out.

Hey Brute. I was doing 4x15 reps mainly, alternation between Hammer inclines and leg press…finished it, but it was unremarkable at best. Rec Center was packed of course.
I did tack on Hip Th.–4x15 @ 185 to finish the day. No way I could have done my planned 180 reps at that weight. Not a chance. Maybe another time.

So I start the year off with THAT? My Last 2 weeks has been a lot of shifts, with little training…So I just did a de-load then?

Back into my plan: Squat/Deads/bench/overhead patterns…3 of these, everyday to start my workout, then focus on one for the day.