Average man+traditional bodybuilder diet

hi guys i am new to this forum,firstly i had been on the same diet(little changes) since 2019 which consist of 5-7 egg white and 1 york the morning,lunch time i will buy food from the canteen which generally consist of rice,a meat and some vegetable but at times i will only be having carbs like fried rice/noodles with soup.Then during dinner i will have about 160G of chicken breast only.During snack time or night time i will be eating 2 serving of fruits or 60G of oatmeal depending on the situation/time.I will have 1-2 cheat day every week(mostly 1).I have seen influencer say that boring diet are not sustainable but what motivates me is that this diet is boring and it will fuels my workout and make me maintain my performance.At times i am unmotivated thought but the other good thing about this diet is it is money saving and also work well with my fitness goal.

EDIT:Fitness is my hobby.I am not anyway related to the fitness industry and will probably not looking to get into it as fitness industry in my country is slow and hard to earn money

Did you have a question?

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no,just wanted to share as i workout from home and have no friends

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Ah. You might want to consider a training log.


I would welcome you, but you are not new.

How is your health? specifically herniated disc/sciatica. Still no pain?


am more active nowadays.Bought 8 session with a chiro near my town and after the 6th session with him and also diligently stretching my back,my back pain is gone.Mine was more gradual and not acute sprain on back

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