Aussie opinion of lions

Just seeing if there is any aussie T-men out there and what there opinion of the British lions chances are at beating the Aussie team at the greatest T-man sport - Rugby union

I’m an Aussie, but one that has very little knowledge of Rugby. Born and raised in Melbourne, where I still reside, I haven’t had much exposure to the sport. Generally it is only played in New South Wales and Queensland. Ask me about Aussie Rules, though… :wink:

G’day T-Bro. I’m actually from Perth, where AFL is the number 1 sport. But I am also an avid fan of ‘Union’. I reckon the Lions will be pretty strong and be tough to beat, but I think we have the edge on them. The Wallabies are pure class. I can’t wait for the series to start. I’ll definitely be going to the Aust v Sth Africa Tri-Nations game here at Subiaco Oval, should be awesome.

the lions, eh? well i didn’t give them a chance in 1997 when they played in south africa and beat the boks, so who knows? I think they will win…the aussies are very very good, but the months of preparation and the resources that the lions have drawn from may be overwhelming. should be an interesting set of matches, with extreme amounts of speed and skill on both sides, as well as some very large individuals…can’t wait. of course this is a canadian’s opinion, and we just recently got crushed by england’s third team!

I’m a Kiwi, not an Aussie, but heres my 50cents worth. Sorry bro’ The Lions won’t win. I think it’ll be close but can’t see it happening.

Well the Lions have absolutely smashed some teams while down here and the queensland team they beat had lots of Australian team members in it including captain john eales.(I think)
so i think it might be tough
They win at least one game and have a chance at the series

Should be the poms’ best chance of winning in years. They’ve given our state teams an arse whipping the last couple of weeks. They’ll be some great games. BTW: for those not in Australia, Aussie Rules (mentioned above) is a game played in the girlier states and is a combination of kicking a ball and dancing.

its rugby, ITS RUGBY WHO CARES!!! the only “sport” dumber is soccer, if I want to see a bunch of guys hugging each other I’ll rent some gay porn

Aussie Rules is not ball kicking and dancing
its a pretty hard game to play

and Rugby IS NOT GAY
what sports do you prefer
Basketball were all they seem to do is grab eachothers asses after they score and cry and have group sex after they win a champion ship
Gridiron- where the have tight pants so you can perve on there asses
baseball- where all you do is try to hit a ball with a bat

With Keith Woods, how could they lose? Regardless of the fact that Australia is the best national team in the world. And leave American Football and Baseball alone, you gotta admit, those scrums where we are just hugging each other, are pretty girly too.

To the ignorant wanker who believes rugby is guys hugging each other, I guarantee you wouldn’t last 5 min in a game. You would either A. Pass out from exhuation because your out of real shape B. get knocked out cold because this ain’t football, their are no pads son C. Limp off the feild because you miss your football pads D. come out with a serious injury because your body is not prepared for 2 forty min halves of non stop hard hitting with no break in action.

I had to jump on this post because I cannot express how much I think of this extraordinary game. The players are some of the toughest SOB’s out there. I have written programs for some clubs and have done a lot of q&a with teams but there is little information available on what clubs are doing. Looking forward to your input. Thank you. In faith, Coach Davies

TO Heyey225:
You have no idea what you are talking about. Rugby is a sport unlike any other. I believe american football has more spectacular hits, a triathalon takes more endurance, a 100-meter sprint requires more speed but, and a bareknuckle fight involves more violence, HOWEVER NO SPORT requires more speed and strength and violence over such a long period of time. The average foward runs over 5 miles per game, this is combined with tough running, violent tackleing and rucking/mauling/scrumming which has to be experienced to be understood. If you have never played in the scrum against a heated rival then you have never played rugby. Like old time hockey, the stuff that goes on is unbelieveable. Ever had ben gay rubbed in your eyes from an opposing players hair? Ever spent most of a game where trying to hook the ball consisted of kicking everything around but the ball? Ever had all the hair under your arm pulled out by your opposite number? Ever been part of a brawl so large that the game is called? Yet amoung all this violence when two teams leave the field they shake hands and spend the next few hours drinking, singing and partying with their opposition. I don’t need to knock other sports because rugby takes heart. When you are beyond exhaustion, past your pain limit and your body fights your will to attack, THAT IS RUGBY. Honestly I f-ing hate all the running, I wish their was more than a five minute half time, I wish that injury actually stoped game play, or that one could leave the field and return to it, but that is what makes rugby one of the greatest tests of will and determination and heart.

Guys, this thread was put to bed 3 weeks ago. I don’t know why Damien dragged it up again. But while I’m here.
Damien - you need to learn to listen to what people mean, not what they say. Mitchell wasn’t bagging Rugby. He was questioning the validity of the scrum. And those of us who play both games would appreciate you not bagging American Football either.
And as for heyhey225. If you’ll notice, I had a post in there that called Aussie Rules “kicking a ball and dancing”.
(Assumes German accent) Humour, yes.