attn: Meltdown Freaks

Beginning of week six for me and I ad a conversation with my body right there in the gym last night between the 3rd and 4th sets, and a little DURING. During chins my body said “Please sir, no more eccentrics, go straight to pulldowns”. I did two more chins before I did so. On pulldowns my left hand said “Please, drop ten pounds, my fingers can’t hold on.” I told it to shut up and did it anyway. During pushups my left wrist told me it would break if I kept going - I did solid pushups and massaged the feeling back in afterwards. During deads both wrists said “please Aiki, drop that twenty pounds you made us do last week, these straps are choking us.” I made them do it AND one to grow on. The bruises today are little badges of honor.
Yes I have totally lost it. But damn did it feel good to push so far beyond what I thought I could, and week after week meltdown has continued to perform. I’m definately seeing mondo benefits that the scale doesn’t show, which I’ll share in two weeks when I’m done with meltdown. The only negative is continuting shoulder stiffness, but I’ve gotten used to that…
How’s everyone else doing?

Meltdown is the bomb!! I am into week two and am feeling the stiffness and aching all of the time. I know my lower body is benefitting from the work and my clothes are loosening up. Still no drop in scale weight but WTH, I am losing BF

1/2 way thru week 4 of 5 and it seems to be getting harder not easier, prob just the lower carbs and a few nights with less sleep. I am still at same weights as started but form and tut is a lot better, still don’t know which I hate more day 1 or day 2. We all know part A is tough but the abs on day 1 are a killer esp the reverse crunches on swiss ball. Will be interesting to see results in a couple of weeks when I get check done, definitely leaner.

I’m a TAD behind y’all, as day 2 of week one is tomorrow for me…so far I LOVE it!! I damn near fainted twice during the last set of chins/squats/pushups/deadlifts, but I stuck through and held on. I can’t wait to try this evil torture called “push presses”…nutrition wise, I’m also doing a hybrid of fast-fat/t-dawg, so we’ll see how that works for me…6 packs here I come baby!