Attn: Chris Shugart

Read your “Get Laid the Testosterone Way” article about a year ago, and i have gotten more poon within the last year than at any other time in my life. My friend also read it, now he has more girls than he knows what to do with…kudos on a great article.

Howdy. Just wonderin’ what issue that article was in, as I can’t find it…? And another thing, I’ve got a pretty good idea, but can you give a definition of the word “poon” for us living on the bottom of the planet? Cheers.

Glad I could do my part to better humanity. Sort of.

Mark- The article appeared in issue #93 as a “Big Woof”. You can find it in the previous issues section.

Hell yes! hehehe…I’m LMAO after reading that article! It’s sooooo true Mr. Shugart…sad, but true! I’ve always been on the ‘sensitive’ side, but I discovered what you wrote in that article years ago, women like bad, ‘unobtainable’ boys! Only when I started ‘playing the role’ and walking, talking, eating, sleeping, thinking ‘I’m the man…I’m cool, and I could care less about you Ms. Hottie’ that I got attention and dates. Mr. Nice Guy stayed home on the weekends watching videos. What a crazy world we live in…

yeah, it is unfortunate, but to have a cool, distant attitude towards a woman is better than being a sensitive nice guy…it boils down to this, if you are a nice guy, but are boring are quiet or shy, it is much tougher to do well with woman and a woman won’t try and change you into an exciting guy if you are quiet and percieved to be boring, however if you are a wild, badass, and an asshole a woman will always try and change you into a a nice guy, because it is a challenge for them…coincidentally tonight they had a show on E! about whitney houston and bobby brown. bobby brown repeatedly gets into trouble has been in jail, and is rumored to have cheated on whitney houston…does whitney houston, dump him? hell no! it is a challenge for her to try and change him…and look at it this way out of all the men she could have picked, she picked him…makes you wonder, chris you definitely hit it on the head…as for poon, take a wild guess what poon is referring to?

I don’t think the only two options are either being a “nice guy” or a “bad boy” I think you can still be “nice” as long as you are secure in yourself, outgoing, don’t change your behavior just for a women etc, aren’t desperate etc. . . I think this is the most attractive of all, even more than a “badboy”. Of course bad boy is infinitely better than a push over. Unfortunately most “nice” guys think nice means “polite, deferential, ass kissiing, supplication etc. . .” So its not being nice that is the problem, its being a push over that so often accompanies being “nice”.

Mark, I think you know what poon is, also commonly referred to as poontang. It is the ol’ split beaver, the holy gash, the bearded clam…the tangiest of the tangs.

I have talked about this with my girlfriend and she and her friends all like the bad boy look and lifestyle. You know the look, the one that the parents say stay away from when their kids are growing up. I asked her what she attracted her to me and she said the Bad Ass look and lifestyle. They say most of the nice guys are boring in life and in the sack. But keep this in mind, the testosterone way is a good way to get the poon but if you want to keep the poon, you can’t be an asshole badass, they want it all, the badass look and the good. Now when I say good, I don’t mean the pussies or the wimp pushover types. Just the type that shows respect and won’t spank them to hard. Becuase just like us men who get sick of the give it to me in the ass fitness model type and after months of her bitchyness, then move on to the next, woman will do the same if you are an asshole.

On a side note, there have been studies showing that when women are ovulating they’re more attracted to the bad boy, Testosterone-filled types. (Sorry, can’t remember where I read that, but TC has mentioned it before in print.) But at other times, when they’re thinking about a man as being the father to their children they think more about responsibility and security. So basically, women are attracted to bad boys for sexual and excitement reasons but may later be attracted to a “nice guy” when thinking about settling down.

The message, to me at least, is to be both. Be the nice guy to your kids and the bad boy in the bedroom with your wife. A combination of both is best in the long run, I think, although if you’re a young single guy looking for nothing but sex, the bad boy image is the only way to go based on my observations and experience.

Just don’t get married, have kids, and lose all of your Testosterone. That’s the secret. (And yes, I’ll be writing a Guest Atomic Dog about this sometime in the future.)

Chris you are bang, I saw a TLC special on this subject once. This is exactly what my girlfriend and her friends want, their man to be able to take care of them and provide for them and when they get into the bedroom they want a real man, not a pussy whipped wimp who wants to cuddle all the time. But you are right, if single be an asshole and you won’t sleep alone. Damn I just wished someone told me that when i was 20, think of the years and pussy I wasted until I figued this out for myself.

I have to admit, I read this a while ago. And I liked it so much that I forwarded it to my friends. It really hit home with me because I’ve always been a nice guy. Meaning, I am sensitive to women’s needs and do the whole romantic thing (flowers, surprises, cards, dates, homemade dinners, bubble baths, massages, etc). And I’ve had my share of relationships with girls who loved me to death because I was nice and did those things. But at the same time, I felt that being nice wasn’t getting me as many women as I wanted. And I go through long periods of time in between relationships.

The one line about being a woman's best friend means your gay or your balls are in a tupperware container under the bed really hit home with me. Because I have a lot of female friends. But I'm not banging any of them. Sure, I would love to bang them all. And we flirt, but nothing happens beyond that. And it made me think that maybe some girls think I am gay. Which isn't necessarily bad because then I could say, "I've had a girl before but she just didn't do it for me. Maybe you can convince me to be straight." You guys think that would work? hehehe

Or maybe my balls have been under the bed. I quickly made some changes after reading the article (which came after a bad breakup with someone I was involved with for two years). I decided that I needed to be more of a badboy. Sure, I have some things that make me a badboy. I have a sporty car, I drive fast and aggressively. I have a bad mouth and cuss often and am quite perverted (or uncooth as friends have said). And I have that bad boy look with my goatee and earrings and not being clean shaven.

One thing I learned from someone who writes articles for our local paper about love and relationships is that bad guys are less likely to commit in a relationship. And this is something that gives the impression that these guys are jerks. Because the woman is trying to get them to commit, but they are off cheating on them and not wanting to commit. And the woman is trying to change that. But you can't. You have to find someone who is wanting the same thing. Interesting stuff.

So now I've become the one who isn't wanting to commit because I've been meeting new people and am just "dating" people rather than being with just one. Seems to be working as I'm beginning to get a following. Unfortunately, some of my following are high school girls. Recently, I've had some bad luck hitting on high school girls. I'm sure some of you remember the whole thing at the gym when we were at the NHB Seminar in Orlando. Well, I thought that was the end of it. Now I got another high school girl who wants a piece. If only she was legal. What can you do? Bring that poontang pie to Nate Dogg. Come to my Poon Palace where I will do some muff diving for the bearded oyster. :)

good point nate dogg, the biggest change for me was in being much more aggressive with women, particularly when i am out at clubs and bars, also if i didn’t get signals from the woman within 5 minutes i would move on…the funny thing is as soon as i didn’t care about having a girlfriend or not, is when i could of had my pick of a girlfriend, and now i don’t want a girlfriend because i have so much more fun although i am still not a king studd…as far as woman who are married, many of them still marry jerks, why do you think there are so many messy divorces and single mothers,…there are some things that have innately turned women on for thousands of years, and that still hasn’t changed, agressiveness, confidence, and the stereotypical male, other guys, may have a lot of women friends and shop a lot but they are either named renaldo and gay or stuck with a stack of playboys and their right hand, sad but true, nice guys finish last

In my experience as someone who’s been married for eight years and had fairly good success with dating before that, most women just want a man who is self-confident and takes care of himself both physically and mentally. Many women perceive men who have a don’t-give-a-shit attitude to be self-confident, but it is certainly possible to be a “nice” guy (e.g., supportive and responsible) while also projecting the image – or, more preferably, the reality – of having confidence in your thoughts and actions. The single most important thing not to do, however, is to act suppliant towards a woman, i.e., don’t kiss her ass no matter how tight and hot and…er, sorry, got carried away there thinking about Amy Fadhli. Anyway, I’m sure you get the point.

Chuck, I agree with you on being more aggressive with women at bars and clubs and other places. I usually have no problem going up to a girl and starting a conversation. And I’ve been more aggressive about doing this recently. Like you said, if she doesn’t respond within five minutes, it’s time to move on. I need to do this more often and see what happens. My friends like me to be around because I’ll talk to girls for them. But rather than hooking myself up, I tend to help them out. Guess I need to turn that around.

And yes, I agree that you can be a nice guy (responsible, romantic, honest, independent), and still attract women. Like it was mentioned, women are attracted to guys who are confident. So if you are sure of yourself, you have a much better chance of attracting that little hottie who’s checking you out.

I just saw the movie "Whipped" the other night. Have any of you seen that? It was funny because the one guy (Johnathan)was the romantic guy. And there was a scene in the beginning of the movie that mirrored what has happened to me. Remember when he walked by that girl and she looked at him and he looked at her? But then he didn't say or do anything? He just kept walking. And when she was gone, he realized he missed an opportunity. That has happened to me so many times! I have to stop letting that happen. Things are much different now. Let's see how it works! :)

never heard of that movie nate, but maybe i’ll check that out…some really good posts fellas’, anyone else want to chime in with their opinions?

When I was in high school, my friend told me that if i wanted a girl, i had to be mean to them. I think he may have been a little off, but he had the right idea. I was dating this girl for a loooong time when she cheated on me with this skinny fat guy(you tmen know what i mean). This guy acts like a thug even though hes a pussy, has a huge ass nose, huge ears, and everyone at the university hates him. But i became a pushover and thats why i lost her. I learned my lesson. Never again will that bullshit happen to me.

Yeah, I was right on the money in what I though poon was, just haven’t come across the term before.

Well, I've always been a nice guy, and I aint had much luck. But that's all changing in a big way! I've asked a few chick friends (no, I'm not a stool pusher, just need to grow my balls a bit bigger), and they agreed with everything in the article.

So now, I’m turning to a new page in the book of life. I’ve spent 3 years “making” myself look good, my confidence is up and still growing, I might even start spraying some Androsol on my nut-sack to turn the “boys” into “men” [grin/shrug], I’ve got the time and finally the inclination to want to hit the clubs, so… it’s time to start a spadge-hunting experiment. The shy, hugely unconfident weed of a boy can take a back-friggen-seat! This Saturday night, the T-MAN is finally and once and for all, comin’ out in force!!!