Athletic Fiance Wants a Program to Follow Together

I just started training a couple of months ago for the first time. I have a home guys with squat racks, a utility bench and dumbbells up to 34kg. Barbells EZ curl bar, 250kg in weight plates, trap bar, chinup bar. Paralettes, a cable pushdown attached to the roof and a 16kg kettlebell.

My wife is from an exceptionally athletic family, brothers are all pro football players, dad was a pl icon, mother was an olympian for Kenya. She has a 29 inch waist and an enormous set of glutes, extremely long built legs (6 foot tall), strong but slender upper body and always has visible top abs despite eating junk food with me every night lol. We are currently living in a very small flat so no room for a rack but we have the equipment listed about in a small garage space.

A few days ago I reached the goal of 5 chinups and ive lost about 20lbs of fat. My fiance strolled over and asked to try and its the first bit of interest shes shown in working out. I showed her how to grab the bar and brace her core and she proceeded to knock out 11 chinups. Bear in mind she weighs 200lbs.

I was completely gobsmacked as ive never known a woman to do so many first go. Yesterday she wanted to squat with me and she has just perfect form, she just sits down between her heels body completely upright. She worked up to an easy 95kg for 5 reps and the last rep was kinda slow so I got her to stop and we did some RDLs which she was great at.

I didn’t want her overreaching first ever time lifting so she did some yoga in the living room and we are planning to lift weights together on saturday when we are both next off work.

She wants to do a program but she doesn’t know anything about working out. I suggested she ask her dad or brothers but she said she wants it to be something we do together (im 5 foot 8 95kg bodyweight, fat and bench 75kg, think a skinny guy who just got fat) so im not sure what we can realistically do together for a long period of time before she moves on to needing a more expert hand. Unfortunately we live deep in the countryside and the nearest gym is almost 2 hours away.

I need some advice on what you ladies could possibly recommend? I want to really encourage her because shes clearly exceptionally gifted naturally and I want her to enjoy working out, but at the same time i can tell shes going to be outlifting me in a matter of weeks tops. I don’t want to hold her back long term but at the same time I want to enjoy those few weeks lifting together and having fun.

Thanks in advance