Ask a T-Vixen

I think the T mag staff does a great job at putting out quality training and nutrition articles as well as a great editorial column (atomic dog). It has a unique balance to it that goes beyond the typical fitness publication. I recognize the fact that there is a limited amount of material to work with in so far as training and nutrition (all the basic answers are in the archives when you think about it) and you guys don’t want to rehash the same old stuff. However, doing a Q&A with a T vixen will move Tmag in a direction toward the mainstream (maxim, stuff, etc…) which I believe would be a mistake. I like those publications a lot but I really look forward to Fridays hoping a King, Francis, Chek, or whoever will bring me real insight into training, nutrition and human performance. You guys have tapped into so many accomplished and diverse sources of information: West side, Strasser, Roberts, Staley, KJing, Chek, etc… It’s fantastic! I hope you continue to seek out performance specialists in all domains of performance (sports conditioning, Rehab specialists, track and field, weight lifting, Strong man training, etc…) and every now and then throw in a “I See Dead People” article that makes us look at the big picture. Please stay true to your principles and cater to the purists. Thanks for a great publication.