Ask a T-Vixen

Scratch that last post, I am totally against the idea. I do think it would water the joint down. Yall have been doing fine. You can make a new mag called Tbitch or something and you cna have all that stuff in it. Over all I could care less about what women want or what they are looking for, in this format. If I can’t get a date, I’ll just beat off and head to the gym, or go smoke a spliff with the guys and talk about rude nasty shit. Relationships, what women want and all that bullshit is highly over-rated. It breaks down like this, women are people too, they are as scared of us as we are of them. They just want some guy to treat them decent and fuck them well. You will NEVER understand them, so don’t bother. If you have relationship issues there are plenty of places to go like Dr. Laura’s web-site (that is if you like to be insulted for having problems). So just be yourself and if a chick does not like you, move on jack, there will be another. There are over 6 billion people in the world, you can find one that will fuck you as you are. That is about as much estrogen as I can muster. BTW, I am available for counseling.