Arthur and NTF (not-to-failure)

I had heard Jones was testing out NTF in the 80’s, but was unable to find anything on it, until reading this book.

Care to elaborate, Ellington?


It would have saved me a lot of pain at the Nautilus studio. :joy::joy::joy:

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What is the book? Who is the author?

The book is In Arthur’s Shadow. The book’s author is Gary Bannister. Bannister also wrote, If You Like Exercise You Are Doing it Wrong. (I am not sure if he wrote or edited these books…) I have the second book somewhere on a shelf. I need to read it this summer. As far as Bannister’s background there are those who would be much more qualified to write about that than me.

Both are great books


More in detail, what are these books about? “In Arthurs shadow” is supposedly 600 pages!

It’s a collection of Arthur’s adventures, as he evolved and learnt more over the years. It’s a thick book! I am taking it slowly and steady, there’s so much in each chapter.


I really wish there was an ebook version.


Both great books!

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if you find send me it

Basically an up close bio

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