Arnold the Barbarian

I found this article on everyones favorite Austrian on I dont know how accurate it is but I was wondering what you guys think.
Here’s the link:

“Eating is not cheating!”

Hmm. No matter who you are when you become successful there are people that thrive on trying to trash you. My trainer knew Arnold and more than a few other guys in the LA bodybuilding scene. Did Arnold smoke dope…yep. Fairly frequently. Did he use AAS. Well, is a frogs ass watertight? Was he ever anything but a jovial kidding around kind of guy? Rarely. I wouldn’t doubt he had affairs but I don’t think he’s as mean spirited as the article paints him to be. Oh, the heart problems…having that much extra muscle is what caused the heart trouble, not the juice directly. Guys like Frank Zane were the last pro BBers to do it for the health of it.

I like the story in Pumping Iron (the book) about when Arnold was walking out of a gym & bumped into a girl he didn’t see. She says to her friend ‘holy shit look at this fuckin body’ & starts feeling him up & he just grabs right back.

Ha ha. He sounds like a true Kennedy.

I don’t belive much of the article for as far as the heart surgery is concerned. You don’t get this sort of problems from steroids. Liver, kidney and ,oh lord, hair problems are more likely. I believed Arnolds father had the same heart condition and it is thus genetic. But the press will always tell you it’s because of bodybuilding. So you’ll quit and be fat and ugly like them. (Why do you think most parents are against it, same reason old mothers never get along with their more beautiful younger daughters) As for Arnold being such a jerk, perhaps he is perhaps not. I’ve read his book and I have to admit he’s arrogant but not without a reason.