A while ago, I used a little bit of arimidex to bring down my naturally high estorgen levels and bring up my naturally low test levels (and yes, I’m male). While I was using it, I noticed a big difference (got harder, lost fat, generally felt better). My question is, this improved physical state seemed to last several weeks past when I stopped taking the ari!? I realize that the 1/2 life isn’t that long, so was this purely psychological, or does it just take the body a while to return to its old homeostasis (kind of like how juice can screw with endogenous test levels for a while)? If this is the case, it seems as though a reasonable, and not too costly, year-round “cycle” would be 1/4 tab eod for a month with a two week break, then back on. Any thoughts? Would test replacement be better (it wouldn’t be hard to convince a doc–I have high estrogen, low test, and high cortisol!!) for long term?? Any thoughts or opinions (medical or otherwise) would be much appreciated!

High cortisol is not good to have especially long term (it is very catabolic, and is bad for bones as well as muscles). Things that can lower it include, stress reduction (start here), vitamin c (1-3 grams of calcium and/or magnium ascorbate in divided doses), and phosphatidyl serine minimum 200mg/day (you may need more try it and get the cortisol retested). There are other things (DHEA, etc) but I would start with the basics above.

You did’nt mention how long or how much you were taking initially. The dosage would greatly impact any potential residual effects. To determine whether or not the effects were psychological, the best way would be to moniter body comp, strength changes, etc to factually ascertain in an objective manner if any changes were occuring. Eventually the amount of bioavailable T in your body as you age will diminish and there will be little T to aromatize especially in light of the fact that you stated that it is low already so in the future T replacement may be warranted if indicated by your physician.

1/4 tab. of arimidex every fifth day still prevents gynecomastia.(while on 5 grams of testosterone)