Arginine and GH

I wanted to increase GH release naturally and went to buy a product at healthfood store. They had 2 products the price of both were high- over $150 each for 30 day cycle. I looked at the ingredients. It was mainly aminos - arginine, lysine, glutemine, ornithine, plus GABA and something like adrenal extract. So I got all the aminos and the GABA. Thet didn’t have the adrenal extract but from what I recall these break down in your stomach and are really of no consequence. My question is, I bought freeform Arginine, I read an article which recommneded arginine pyroglutamate. What is the difference between the two?

The prices you have been quoted sound like a rip-off.Try Jomar labs or the Life Extension Foundation,you can get Arginine Hydrochloride or Arginine Free Base by the kilo,for $150 you will get close to three k’s from Jomar.Be sure to throw in some choline and B5,you can also add things like taurine,glycine,chromium picolinate etc.18g Arginine is the recommended dose for men,15g for women,before excercise or at bedtime,work up to this gradually though.
Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are the arginine ‘gurus’,there is an interesting interview with them at

In an article a ways back on T-Mag I covered this. Do a search for the article Home Hormone Testing it should help you with your answer.

18 Grams of arginine will make you shit in your pants. If GH injections are only mildly effective, why would you want to take a releaser that does not work as well as an injection.

John -

HGH is hard for me to get and, from what I know it is expensive. I started on the amino regimine yesterday and, I am fairly amazed to see that I am getting results, and I don’t think it placebo effect. I am hungry for the first time in a long time, I am hornier and I am sleeping better. If you are over 30 GH will make a noticible difference. If you are under 30 don’t bother.

John,I take 18g Arginine at Bedtime,and I certainly don’t have a problem with ‘shitting in my pants’.Like I said,work up to this dose gradually.
Spaecster I have also noticed an increase in apetite.Little niggling aches and pains from training seem to clear up a little quicker too.Aside from any training benefits,arginine has a lot of other beneficial health effects,and is something I intend to continue long-term.

I have been taking arginie in pill form. I hear the powder is wicked nasty. If you combine arginine w/juice or milk, will it effect the GH release?

taking arginine with carbs will neutralize its’ gh releasing effect, that is, if it has one. I took the pearson product for about 6 months. May have gotten nitric oxide (increased libido) from the 18 grams per day. 20 years ago, when this info first came out, I was taking 30 grams per day. This will give you the runs sometimes. Recommendation: arginine supplementation is supposed to be good for nitric oxide release. This is supposed to dilate blood vessels so it is good for sex and relieving angina. For bodybuilding, don’t waste your time. Creatine, extra quality protein and decent workouts are the way to go. MAG10 it seems is fantastic according to the reports on this board and pat arnold’s 1Ad is supposed to be good.

L-Arginine will usualy release GH if used EXACTLY correctly, I agree that it wont make much difference until your over about 30

to make it work you need:
Empty stomach, very empty, can't have any competeing amino acids in your blood to any real extent (no Ornithine, Lysine, or Citruline), non competeing aminos are ok, and your insulin must be low, you can use it with fructose. (not all fruit juices are high in fructose, just use powdered fructose)
1 gram choline w/ 250 mg B5
probably a little b6 like 50 MG
you CAN get the runs if your sensitive to arginine, I use it sometimes and just get a good hardening effect.

Does ne one know if u there is a way to obtain injectable arginine? isnt it tru that for a pituitary functions test they use injectable arginine? im guessin that would be a good way to increase gh, ya think?

Specster, you’re right, arginine is the most foul-tasting substance ever. Just for fun, take apart two capsules, mix it in water and tell your little brother you have an excellent concoction you’d like him to sample. Guaranteed, it’ll start a fist fight, even on Christmas Eve!
It’s a little less effective than Viagra at about 4 gms.

Big Red