Argh, I hate taking a week off

This sucks. Its not even 10am Monday morning and I already hate taking this week off. No cardio, no anything. See, I obviously know that it is the best thing for me right now, as it has been way too long without a break in the action for me, and I’ve been going hard and heavy for about 10 straight weeks. Also, I have various aches and pains that need to recover a bit. But still, I want to be back in there doing what I love. Someone convince me that my body is going to look much better after taking some time off, and ‘starting all over’.

week offs are awesome, you come back and shock your body big time. don’t feel bad. there are other people who are forced to take weeks off because of injuries and stresses due to life. take the time to think about your future routines and plan ahead. laters pk

I know exactly how you feel. What I like to do when i take my off-week, is to take a nap during the time that i would normally workout. It gets my mind off working out. You will look forward to the naps and realy feel rested when you get up, and the extra GH boost can’t hurt. Don’t worry you are doing a positive thing, and your brain and body will feel ready to go again.

I’m in the same boat man. It sucks!! Just think of it as kind of “strategic deconditioning” (not mine but describes it well). It’s only a week, and when you get back to it your body will be primed for greater gains in size and strength than if you didn’t take the time off. So you are improving on everything in the long run (can you say BIG PICTURE) Hopefully you’ll be mentally raring to go when you get back to it. In the mean time, just relax. If you’re planning a new routine, take some time to fine tune it as well as your diet. I hope this helps.

Well I’m into day 2 now, and I’ve convinced myself that this week off (I may extend it to 10 days or two weeks actually) is the best thing for me. I have a swiss ball here at home so I may do some ab work on that later this week, but that will be it. I was just gonna go hog wild and eat anything I want this week, but I’m sort of going to keep a close eye on that, as I think of this now more as an opportunity for future growth and developement then as a setback such as I did yesterday.

I just took a month off because of work. I was depressed and I felt like total shit and thought I had lost my last two years of hard work. Well I got back into my routine about 2 weeks ago and I cant fucking believe it!!! I’ve gained 3 pounds and all my lifts are up 5+ pounds. Don’t worry about it - you will come back with a vengeance. Your mind plays tricks on you though and you start thinking your the incredible shrinking man - but two weeks back and you’ll be looking and feeling better than ever.

Well, I made it through my week. It is 9:30 sunday night and I’m about to go to bed, knowing that for the first time in over a week I will be waking up at 7am to hit the gym for my morning cardio/ab session.

I felt like shit for all of that week off, but I guess I am pretty well rested. I fought of the temptation to do any crunches whatsoever, or any form of exercise. I pretty much ate like crap, and hell, felt like crap.

But now I am on my way back where I belong, and my diet is gonna be tighter than a nun’s twat! I’m going to be getting as lean as I’ve ever been, and I will reclaim my glory!