Are more Americans killed in war or by big pharma?

All of them minus six.

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Exactly. They don’t give evidence.

For the non yanks here:

England fans found a German policeman who looks like Gareth Southgate

Ask him if he’d start Palmer. If he says yes, then you know he isn’t Southgate. It also means he’s already a better manager than Southgate.

Better not, l fear England supporters may try to pull the ol’ switcheroo. I don’t think Southgate would make for a good cop.

Still, Southgate might win them this Euro. They had a good win tonight and Southgate deserves credit for bringing on Palmer and Watkins close to the end.

Spain is playing much better Football, but who knows… maybe it IS ‘‘coming home’’ this year.

No, it’s because YOU are blinded by propaganda and therefore can’t have an intelligent conversation.

Neither do atheists.

See proving a negative in the posts above.

Atheists have nothing to prove, so . . . you’re dumb?

Wait, we might actually be reaching some form of self-awareness.


Then let all the atheists in all the debates they take partake in know that.

It wasn’t deliberate but desperate.

Scientists have provided evidence for evolution. They have provided evidence for the true age of the Earth and Universe. They have provided evidence for science based, i.e., factual, theories on the origin of the Universe.

Would you be talking about The Big Bang?

And their are more and more people who are apologists who believe in this. Does this necessarily negate the existence of a higher power?
Has their evidence ever been wrong?

You already accuse people of being brainwashed, so you should understand that belief does not constitute evidence.

This is where science shines. If you come up with a new idea or discovery, it’s celebrated. So there is a whole history of wrong evidence, but it’s been constantly and deliberately improving by questioning old beliefs.

Does any of what you say disprove the existence of a higher power?

No. But this isn’t my responsibility to disprove. We’ve already talked about this.

This is what you sound like asking the same questions over and over.


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Yes. You can’t prove one exists and that is proof one doesn’t exist. Anything that exists can be proven to exist by virtue of the fact it does exist. So until God or whatever you wish to call your higher, or lower, power is proven to exist, he does not exist. Or, if you wish to be clever, he does exist but only as an idea which is no different than a dream. Yes, dreams exist and they are real but they only exist in your mind which makes god as real as any fantasies you had, well maybe not you, of having sex with some actress or model.

And Lane Craig is a failure as he can’t prove the Christian god exists but tries to “prove” that a higher power could exist. OK, but is that higher power he claims to have proven exists the Christian god he worships and claims to have all figured out? The answer is, he doesn’t know. All he can say is that something exists but in fact, he hasn’t even proven that.

I usually find that these song translations sound lame (especially when I can understand the language) but this viking looking motherfucker does a good job here. Even sounds like James.