Appetite Stimulants, anyone know of any?

Anyone know of any Appetite Stimulants either over the counter,doctor perscribed <==(this would be tough) or some kind of herbal mix that could be ordered from an online herb site.

I have only heard of Megace which im pretty sure lowers your T levels a bit, how much I do not know. If it was only a little bit I wouldn’t mind and would just use it during a tribex/androsol cycle but alas, it is also doctor perscribed I think.

Anyone have any kind of experience with appetite stimulants or can recomend something? (other then Marijuana & Anabolics )

I don’t know of any legal compound per se that stimulates appetite other than beer, but I do have a suggestion about choosing what you are eating. Certain foods are more filling than others. Do a search for The Satiety Index for more info. Unfortunately, research is still ongoing into this by the same U of Sidney research team that developed the new 600-food glycemic index. The idea would be to locate foods that were nutritionally dense, but didn’t fill you up as much. Hence you would be looking for something to eat sooner rather than later. An example which was discussed on this week’s Net issue would be whey vs. casein vs. meat. If you use whey protein, it’s digested much faster than a steak or a bowl of cottage cheese. You are probably also familiar with the standard line of the fact that you’re hungry 30 minutes after you eat Chinese food. I mentioned this in an article I wrote for the Journal of Performance Enhancement about people who were trying to gain weight as a possibility since it’s not any easier to try to eat more than you want than it is to eat less and feel hungry. Hope this helps. - Rosemary

The B complex vitamins have been rumored to have an appetitie stimulating effect. As well i believe that anything that volumizes the muscles, like creatine, also stimulates appetite in some people…Think about it…being heavier and having bigger muscles…even if it’s not real muscle, still might send a message to your brain to eat more.


You can try MOSEGOR (Pizotifen). I live in Switzerland…don’t know if you can get this in the U.S.

Smoke a fatty…Works better than anything I know.

Have sex.

You might want to try Periactin ™. It’s a prescription anti-histamine. Makes me hungry (but sleepy) as hell. 4 mg pills - take 2- 3 a day. Also available generically (Periactin is a brand name) but can’t remember the generic name.