Anyone remember Ian Kings calf routine?

Anyone try the calf routine Ian King wrote up in his question and answer column??..I’ve been doing it with great results. Especially because it calls for training one leg at a time and i have a big-time imbalance between my left calf (which is bigger), and my right calf (which also happens to be stronger). I’ve been following Poliquins calf workout too but instead of having 2 different workouts I now have 3…and I just alternate them every other day or every 3rd day depending on how sore I am…Ian’s routine goes as follows:

  1. Do weak leg first, only do as many reps on the strong leg as you did on the weak leg…
  2. Do each exercise with zero rest
    a. one legged calf raise to failure
    b. one legged donkey calf raise to failure
    c. one legged seated calf raise to failure (20-30 reps)
    d. one legged reverse roll-ups on leg curl machine (sit backwards on the machine and with the pad on your foot, flex your toes towards your knee, works the tibialis anterior.
    c. one legged hops done for 1 minute
    d. one legged balance done for 1 minute

It doesn’t take many sets of this to absolutely kill the calves in yet another manner.