Anyone Over 50 Who Still Competes?

Thunder, you have some nice numbers there, hopefully you hit your elite soon. I’m 52 and at 75 kilos have been hovering around 570 to 580 kilo totals. I have been lifting competitively for eight yrs.

I’ve been hit and miss on the sheiko as I can’t seem to train for over 2 hrs per session. My training partner re-worked the sheiko to allow for us more mature lifters and it isn’t bad, but I thought I’d ask around to see what the other Powerlifters are doing in my age group. I am really going to look again at the Westside training, but while I love bands I walk out the weight and it is hard to be safe without the mono.

I must admit I trained for a long time on the line or over the line as far as intensity goes. Since my injury I have been told that I need to be more structured, and at my age I guess it’s time.

My perspective Oldman is that the over 35 is my preference as my age would indicate, but it is filled with lifters of all kinds of different disciplines I wanted to direct my query to Powerlifters that are lifting into their 50’s. We are all kind of nuts due to the sport we love but the 50+ lifters can identify more with what I need to stay lifting longer and stay productive. If you have any input please feel free to give your thoughts.


My coach, Ernie Frantz, is 76 and still squatting heavy… he did his best lifting over 50… we have a few guys on the team over or around 50 and a few over 60… just train… you could also send him an email if you have a question.

Joe Defranco had a article entitled… " for old fatrs"…i think or someting close…it was geared for the over 40 crowd, i tried it,…nor bad( im 50 myself ) I know that i have to try to be smarter than when i was competing thru my 20’s…good luck