Any Legit Ectomorph Bodybuilders?

Jan 2015: "I need about 6,000 a day because I work in construction and burn about 5000 a day " “Height 6’ Weight as of this morning: 158lbs Body fat is around 22%”

Consensus there was that you could use more quality protein and shouldn’t stress about the toxicity of cashews, not “you’re doing fine.”

Feb 2014: “I also work in construction and I spend about 4000 calories doing that” “my most recent weight is 157lbs”

Consensus there was you don’t eat enough high-quality protein, not “you’re doing fine.”

Oct 2013: “I’m working in construction and need about 5500 Calories a day to go above my maintenance level of 5000”

Consensus there was that you should stop avoiding carbs, not “you’re doing fine.”

March 2012: “on a regular work day I burn 4,728 cals (499 for sleeping, 3,324 for my job, and 905 for my lifestyle).” “I am only 143 lbs”

Consensus there was that you need more total calories and more protein, not “you’re doing fine.”

So I really have no idea what advice you think you read before.

EDIT: And, again, I’m wondering what you weigh and where your bodyfat’s at now that you “have diet licked and can gain weight”, since you gained basically zero pounds all of 2014.