Any Legit Ectomorph Bodybuilders?

Hi guys, hope all is well with you.

So… I’m an ectomorph and want to build my body. I’ve already licked diet and can gain weight, but what I’m looking for are real life body builders who are ectomorphs. Specifically: guys who won competitions and wrote books about their challenges and ways to build their body, because ectomorphs have to eat and even train differently than most people. Most advice I find is relatively useless to me (and tailored to endo or mesomorphs), which is why I’m asking.

Just forget about that body type crap entirely. It’s only an arbitrary boundary you build for yourself. Train hard, eat well and you will grow no matter what people tell your body type supposedly is.

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A legit pro bodybuilder may start out as an ectomorph, but I’m prone to believe that they aren’t any longer if they are now a pro.

Dexter Jackson will speak about how, when he was young, he had to eat friend chicken and pizzas all the time in order to continue to gain weight. Now, though, he has to eat a pretty clean diet all the time.

I think this is a testament to how you can train your metabolism over time. I’m sure a lot of bodybuilders start out as some type of hardgainer, but I would doubt that a pro-level bodybuilder is still an ectomorph.

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False, because ectomorphs aren’t a thing.

Skinny guys with fast metabolisms have to eat more than most people. And they need to train smarter, like all people.

Current height, weight, and bodyfat?

How much weight have you gained in the last 6 months?

Pray tell, what kind of advice have you been seeing that’s “useless” to you?

To somewhat answer your question, Frank Zane is typically used as the poster boy ectomorph, although he was competing and placing well in shows as a teenager. I have no idea which current pros would say they were/are “ectomorphs”.


I tend to agree with you but I’ve been over-training for a while.

Yesterday I went to the gym and today when I woke up I feel like I’m still drained, as though I’ve had no sleep.
Then I read about how ectomorphs are more prone to overtraining and need to train differently, hence why I’m asking.

I’ll look into the bodybuilders you guys mentioned thanks.

I won’t, however, post my diet and weight gain. everytime I do that guys are like “oh, ok, nvm, you’re doing fine”.

Overtraining tends to be the product of several months of sustained overreaching. It sounds more like you just trained hard.


Jan 2015: "I need about 6,000 a day because I work in construction and burn about 5000 a day " “Height 6’ Weight as of this morning: 158lbs Body fat is around 22%”

Consensus there was that you could use more quality protein and shouldn’t stress about the toxicity of cashews, not “you’re doing fine.”

Feb 2014: “I also work in construction and I spend about 4000 calories doing that” “my most recent weight is 157lbs”

Consensus there was you don’t eat enough high-quality protein, not “you’re doing fine.”

Oct 2013: “I’m working in construction and need about 5500 Calories a day to go above my maintenance level of 5000”

Consensus there was that you should stop avoiding carbs, not “you’re doing fine.”

March 2012: “on a regular work day I burn 4,728 cals (499 for sleeping, 3,324 for my job, and 905 for my lifestyle).” “I am only 143 lbs”

Consensus there was that you need more total calories and more protein, not “you’re doing fine.”

So I really have no idea what advice you think you read before.

EDIT: And, again, I’m wondering what you weigh and where your bodyfat’s at now that you “have diet licked and can gain weight”, since you gained basically zero pounds all of 2014.


I had a quick look at the older posts and just knew you was coming Chris!

Was gonna post but you do it so well.


Overtraining is a state that causes a highly elevated resting heart rate, chronic fatigue, feeling physically and emotionally down all the time etc. You don’t overtrain your body in a week or in a month.

Just forget about the body types entirely, there is no such thing. Dividing the human body into three categories like that is an enormous over-simplification of the sum of genetics, background in physical activity, lifestyle etc. Genetics determine your rate of building muscle, not being an ectomorph or whatnot. Being tall only means that you need to build more muscle to look proportionately as muscular as a shorter guy. You don’t need to train any differently because you are tall or skinny compared to someone who is short and fat to begin with. Everyone will grow if they train hard and eat well.

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@ Chris: You don’t think I’ve talked to other people besides people on this forum since 2014?

@ Furious: I don’t know what to tell you, I feel fatigued as shit right now, like I got no juice left. It may be because I’ve been cutting recently to lose all the fat I built up when on my diet but I can tell you this: training yesterday was rediculous. My heart rate was jacked and I felt terrible. Even now I’m still sweating trying to relax.

Then you might be the first one I encounter that actually is overtrained as they claim. Usually people have absolutely no idea what overtraining actually is. Sorry for my prejudice.

If that’s the case, you really need to calm down and take some time off of heavy lifting. I personally know three people who both suffered from a really bad state of overtraining, had a resting heart rate of 110-120 and could not do jack shit. Light cardio, a lot of sleep, rest and massaging or something like that for a few weeks works wonders unless you have built that up for 6-12 months.

It’s ok. And will do, thanks.

Btw, how do I keep myself from overtraining again? A problem I seem to have is I don’t gain strength and muscle very fast (compared to my cousin. We go to the gym together. He’s an endo) so I always try to push myself but just end up overtraining.

What do your workouts look like? Are you still working construction?

I’m not still working construction, no.

Yesterday was leg day.

I did:

Squats 3x5 @ 120lbs
Leg Curls 3x7 @ 30lbs per leg
Leg Extensions 3x7 @ 90lbs per leg (but after the first set I had to go down to 80lbs per leg)
Calf Raises 2x25 @ 215

My bad on the quoting mishap above.

I’m not still working construction, no.

Yesterday was leg day.

I did:

Squats 3x5 @ 120lbs
Leg Curls 3x7 @ 30lbs per leg
Leg Extensions 3x7 @ 90lbs per leg (but after the first set I had to go down to 80lbs per leg)
Calf Raises 2x25 @ 215

I consider myself an ectomorphic mesomorph. See my personal thread on the bodybuilding forum.

I know some people do not consider body typing to be an actual premise, but I believe there is some merit to it.

Some of my favorites I would consider ectomorphic: Hamdullah Aykutlu, Andreas Munzer, Frank Zane. But they managed to out a shit ton of muscle in their relatively narrow/modest frames.

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Thanks BrickHead.

You mean the “Current Bodybuilding Training Thread 2.0”? If so, reading it now.

Also, bought Frank Zane’s Book “Fabulously Fit Forever” today.

I said personal thread which is my contest prep leaning out thread .

Ok, I see. Thank you.

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Honestly you, in all likelihood, aren’t overtrained from that amount of volume/weight. How often do you feel exhausted like this? I think you definitely need to consume more calories but you should probably see a doctor if exhaustion and rapid heart beating continues, imo.

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