Androsol/Tribex stacking

In this week’s addition of BTS, Tim outlines a six-week repeating cycle of Androsol, Tribex, and Methoxy-7 with the Androsol use being in the first two weeks. Originally, he outlined a very similar plan with a three-week prior loading of Tribex, one week off, and then a two-week use of Androsol. Does anyone know if this month-long period of prior-Tribex use still applies or is it now negated? Thanks.

The reason Tim had the program starting with a Tribex week in that earlier recommendation was because Androsol wasn’t yet available, so if someone wanted to start right away, only thing to do was to start on a non-Androsol week.

Now, however, you can start wherever you like
within the cycle.

I personally would target the Androsol to the
two weeks in the next 6 when all other factors
are also expected to be optimal for gains. For
example, if my training cycle has me at 60%
1RM right now and working up, I’d save the Androsol for when I got closer to 80% 1RM,
starting at some other point in the supplement cycle… but
if my training cycle were already approaching
that intensity and everything was “go,” I’d jump right in with the Androsol.

While on that subject, let me emphasize again,
keep your weights up for at least the first
off week after using Androsol, but cut volume
in half or even more. Sure, maybe you traditionally start a new training cycle at 60% 1RM or so after peaking, but don’t do that with Androsol or with steroids… I and others have found that retention of gains is way better if you keep the weights up for at least a week, preferably two weeks, after the androgen use has ended.