Androsol / Nandrosol

Hi All,
Im considering purchasing some Androsol or Nandrosol. What kind of gains has anyone got from these products? I know you can only take them for 2 weeks, but surely there should be some poundage gains in that time if it really works. If not, what would be the point in taking it? Can someone expect maybe 4-10 pounds of gains? More? Im 35, 6’2 about 190, been training for 3 years pretty much non stop, and I can’t gain more muscle without gaining more fat. I’ve never taken any roids, but have tried all the bullshit supplements. I cycle between 3000 and 3500 calories. I’d like to hear some real results people have gotten.

Nandrosol isn’t being made anymore. Androsol typically yeild 4 to 8 pounds of muscle gain from my observation and usage. But you have to be eating enough protein and not training like a girl of course.