Androsol cycle

I was wondering if anyone has done the longer than 2 week cycle of androsol and what kind of results you have gotten i.e. muscle and strength and if they had excessive losses when they came off. My first two week cycle I gained 6lbs. on 50sprs. 2/day and was able to keep it all and actually keep gaining thanks to tribex. I plan on doing a 3 or 4 week cycle here in about 2 weeks.

I’m in my 5th of 8 weeks @ 70x2. I’ll let ya know.

I’m trying the morning only dosing of Androsol, and I’m in my second week… too early to tell, but I plan on doing it for 12 weeks straight. I’ll let everybody know how it goes.

Coyote, have you found the need for Clomid? And have you experienced any other sides, like acne, hairloss etc the usual stuff?

I do not know if I need clomid, I do not have Gyno Symptoms, or bloating, all the “parts” are still working, some slight acceleration of hairloss, and a bit of acne but not bad. I have just started adding some finasteride proscar cut into quarters.