Androsol application

I have been on androsol for 5 days, 2 x 70 sprays. My calves are up 1", my teardrops up1", my thighs up 1/2" but no upper body gains whatsoever. I usually spray 40 sprays lower body and 30 upper. I cannot get at my back to spray, I live alone. Is there evidence to show that the musscle sprayed is the musscel that grows? Is it my imagination? Should I over spray on my upperbody? Any suggestions from you users and experts? Thanks. Dan

Interesting idea, Dan! I had used Androsol in a similar spray pattern and had similar results (I did have increases in upper body just not as noticable as lower body) but I assumed it was my training - I love squats and deadlifts! I don’t know how there could be localized effect due to the Androsol being carried via the blood stream, but maybe someone else does! - Matt Slaymaker

No, it doesn’t matter where you spray Androsol. There’s no “local” effect as far as I know. I believe it’s Tim who puts all 70 sprays on his legs and doesn’t even bother applying it to his upper body.

You can reach your back. I just bend over and sort of spray over my shoulder. Then you can reach around and get your lower back while standing upright. You get used to it.

Forgot to mention this. In the 5 days although lower bodys stats have increased, total weight has not. So where is the size coming from? Is the upper getting smaller? Who knows. Work out is day 1, Squats, Day 3 Chins, Day 5 Deadlifts, Day 7 Bench Press, all + assistance exercises, Day 9 repeat. My recovery is slow therefore additional workouts will overtrain me. Another interesting point is that DOMS seems to last longer now. Could the muscle be effected by both the workout and the androsol? Dan

No localized effect. Spraying Mr. Willy everyday was a total waste of time…

A possible reason your weight has not changed while your legs have grown and upper body measurements have stayed the same is that while you are gaining muscle all over your body you are losing fat. For guys most of the fat is stored in the upperbody so you probably were already lean in the legs while your upper body lost fat and therefore just measurements will not tell the whole story of muscle gained. You need to know what your bodyfat was before starting Androsol and what it is now for an accurate measure of lean muscle gained during the cycle. Also you did not mention if your strength was going up on your lifts.