androsol and women

I used androsol for two cycles. I am 42 yrs old, 5’6 and was 129.0 beginning first cycle. I lost 1/2lb fat and gained 2lbs muscle. At that time I was beginning contest prep and was lifting heavy and eating clean. High protein diet and carbs from veggies, flaxseed oil and carbing up every three days. I began with the androsol at seven sprays twice a day and then increased the amount to 35 sprays twice a day. I watched myself very closely and had no negative reactions. Although I could feel myself becoming somewhat cranky. The results I mentioned at the begining are not particularily accurate as I don’t have access to a good set of fat calipers and had to rely on the set provided at the gym. I increased all my lifts, had a incredible pump, vascularity increased and my endurance also increased. I felt that at my age I could take the risk and also since I have a good self awareness of my body, it was a choice that worked out well for me. The second cycle was four weeks later and I dropped down another two pounds and am now at 120.0. I would just caution you to pay attention to your body, certainly go no longer than the two weeks and if you do notice any changes , stop at that time. The spray did increase my sex drive and it makes me wonder how guys can walk around feeling like this all the time. I can say it made my orgasms feel like my head was going to explode! I would sart with the 7 sprays and see how that goes for you. I think us older women are a different group from the potentially child bearing younger gals. I would not reccomend it for them at all. I also have tried the nors and have had good results with them as well.

What is the diffrence in side effects if you are of the child bearing years? Could it screw up your chances of getting prego? I understand the facial hair and clitoral enlargement, but how would that effect the baby making factory?

thank you

For one thing, androgens can screw up the menstural cycle - permanently. Moreover, if a woman becomes pregnant while taking androgen hormones, the fetus can become overly masculinized.

Valerie – Thanks for the information on Androsol. It was a big help. Like you, I had what I would consider spectacular results from the 19-Nor versions, which were oral. Your results sound terrific. I can hardly wait to get started.