Androgel and drug testing

My doctor has me on testosterone replacement–androderm initially, and now androgel. Is this going to show up on a conventional urine test using USOC standards if my total free testosterone is within the normal range?

No, but it’s conceivable you could fail the urinary epitestosterone ratio test if your natural testosterone production while using the Androgel is extremely low. Probably not but it could happen. I’d expect (guess) that
if without Androgel, your testosterone is no worse than a little below the bottom of the normal range, and only
enough Androgel is used to stay in the middle of the normal range, you should easily pass the urinary test, since suppression would not be very great and your starting point would be with a reasonable amount of epitestosterone, though still subnormal.

If on the other hand your natural testosterone without Androgel is far below normal, than your epitestosterone is far below normal as well and would only be suppressed further by the Androgel: and too low epitestosterone while having normal testosterone causes you to fail the urine test.