Anadrol With Test

I have just started a cycle with Test E 500mg /week Kicking it with Dbol 30mg/day for 4 weeks then just test the next week then the Anadrol 50 100mg the week after that … I have Nolva and some Proviron just incase …

I asked a question earlier about Anadrol and Primo if it would be a good combo as is Winstrol and Anadrol.Would the Primo be able to counter some of the sides of the Anadrol?
If so what would be a good amount of primo each week ?

I have 5 amps now 100mg each I will be getting more in about two weeks.The anadrol will be taken for 20 days.The Test will continue until week 12 then taper. I have clomid but I dont want to use it unless I need to.
My age is 40.

I’d recommend kickstarting your current Test E cycle with anadrol for 2-4 weeks and just saving the DBol to be honest. You could use some winstrol along with the test anadrol, might help give you a harder look.

But what I dont get is why you only plan on using anadrol for a week?

And like Bushy said, primo and winstrol won’t be anything like anadrol and winstrol.

Why would you not want to use clomid during your PCT? It’s either going to be that or Nolva, and sometimes both.

Note the Anadrol will be taken for 20 days a week after the Dbol has ended.Dbol ends on week 4 the Anadrol will start on week 6 skip week 5 and only use 500mg Test.Test will be for the entire 12 weeks then the Test taper PCT. I was asking about primo being able to help with the anadrol sides as winstrol is known to be capable of doing. 300 -400mg primo a week for example.