To all of you that have tried anabolica by Maxwell Research, I took it for six days @ 5 tabs twice daily, and I had the runs like you couldn’t believe. I decided to stop, and it went away. What could have been the cause of this?

I have never had that problem out of any of the ecdy’s, right now I’am taking 12 tabs a day of Anabolica (3 tabs x 4).

I am taking Anabolica without any problem. I would bet that your problem was with the Lactose that is used as a binder in the product. Perhaps you can try the product again along with a Lactaid product along with it to relieve your instant weight loss program

Can’ figure out what your problem is. All I know is it’s my 6th day, 10 tabs a day (as someone recommended) and…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I’m going to give it the 2 bottles worth (@4 weeks)- but so far, the stuff ain’t doin’ a thing…

Ya, I have been taking the product for about a week as well and have not noticed anything.