Alpha-GPC Anyone?

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I dont like benching twice cause I’m worried about my shoulders but NOTHING makes em happier than hitting a 1RM. It just feels so damn good. Like fuckin drugs. [/quote]

are you saying Dave Tate advocates working up to 90%+ on the same lift 2x/week?[/quote]

No. Dave almost certainly does not advocate heavy bench twice a week. Actually, the program I am on does not even want me to bench to a max lift for 6 weeks. Max effort day is actually sub maximal. No 1RM…or 90% even. I just do it for fun. For the feeling of moving a huge weight.

yea, that was kind of my point.

im happy for you that you got a 270lb bench recently. certainly, on the way to 315, 405, 500, etc, youve got to hit 270 first (except for freaks). but if you truly want to feel what its like to move huge weight, you need to stop training like this. it is flat out stupid to train this way. youre more likely to decrease the max weight you can bench in the long run by training this way. i wouldnt recommend going over a true 90% more than once a month, let alone 2x/week. now, i know- what do i know, right? dont take if from me, go read up on Dave Tate’s recommendations or the recommendations of those around him. i dont believe youll find going over (or even TO) 90% on the same life 2x/week.

if you want to make progress you need to learn to take a step back.

hmmmm…point taken. I’ll give it some serious consideration anyways. Check around too. Any time anyone hands advice out to me with idea it will make me lift more I jump to it. Yours at least makes sense. I’ll have to ween myself off the max lifting.