Alone with my dumbells

If you workout at your home (alone) and want to do heavy dumbell presses (incline and flat) what is the recommended way to get the db into position. I can not yet curl 100 lb dbs but would like to use them in my flat press. For your entertainment and an example, I was using 75s for a “burn out” set of 10 on the incline. Normally I would drop them down close to the mat and let them fall the rest of the way, but my 3 year old daughter came down the steps - stood right beside her grunting Daddy - and proceeded to tell me she wanted some pudding! Since I could not do my drop-drop method I tried to roll them into my lap to stand up and proceeded to squish my left nut with a 75 lb db! She thought Daddy was playing as I rolled around on the floor and got on my back for a horsey ride. Trying to toss them up to get in position has been even harder than putting them down. Appreciate any advice!

I put them on my chest and then sit up.

This is what i do. I use an old kitchen chair and position on toward the end of my bench. I place the dumbells on the chair, and when im ready, i sit on the edge of the bench, and then tip up the dumbells onto my legs. i lift my legs and position myself on my back and proceed to do my reps. after i reached my failure or my last rep, i just reverse my precdure and put the bells back on the chair. hope this helps.

Something I am looking at is the free-spotter, it can be used for barbells as well as dumbells. I found it at shermworks. I work out in my basement, and it seems great for heavy benching. I always hated hoisting heavy dumbells into position (I don’t think the “dumbell penis pinch” is one of Ian Kings recommended exercises); and it gets around having to hoist them, or lower/drop them onto the floor. I would buy the dumbell kit also, but I have Powerblocks, and it does not work with them, only standard and Olympic dumbells.

I’ve overstepped my limits on curling as well (long ago), so here’s what I do – I start with the 'bells near the end of the bench (feet end), one to each side, then sit on the bench and bend over to pick them up, placing them on my legs. I then stand up and do a clean (one at a time) to get them into position. The tricky part is keeping the first one in place when cleaning the second. Then I sit back down and roll onto my back. As for dropping them, maybe a kiddie jail (you know, those assemble yourself play yards that’s a series of plastic sections) around your bench is in order.

Okay, here is my method, but note it works better with fixed dbs than adj. ones because there is no bar sticking out. 1.Place dbs on floor at foot end of bench. 2.deadlift to thigh level. 3.rotate dbs so palms facing and outside of dbs is pressed against thighs. 4.sit down on bench with dbs still resting on thighs. 5.straighten your arms and now roll back onto your back keeping your legs bent and against the dbs. 6.when you are all the way back you put your feet down. So you use your arms and knees to control the weight as you lie back.
Now to get up, 1. pull knees up to dbs. 2.keeping arms straight, roll forward and let dbs and legs pull you to sitting position and then you can put down the dbs.
Whew! It is much easier to do than to write out. Let me now if I need to clarify anything. In faith,

I too have had “helpful” family members involved in my home workouts from time to time. Now when I workout at home… I lock the door and Post a Message. Last family helper cost me a broken finger.
Also make sure you have planned your safety.
Hooks for adjustable Dumbbells have worked well for me, I use them inside my power rack.
Best O’Luck

just yank the bells up. If you can’t get them up you are too weak to press them properly, use a lighter weight and better form.