All in my head

I’ve been doing the finasol/androsol/tribex cycle for two weeks with great results so far. I feel a lot stronger and my muscles are a lot harder and more defined. What I really like though is in my head. I feel really cocky and invincible, like I can rip anybody’s head off. I have to be careful to remember to act right. It might be psycological, but I really feel invincible. Is this normal and has anyone else felt like this?

Ability to fly and X-ray vision will only come when AAS are injected in the multi-gram a day levels.

Yes, Androgens will make you feel this way. Please use restraint. We don’t need you actually acting on your impulses. I know, whenever I used 2 grams a week, I would start to go off, and realized it was the drug, and then calmed down. Its a good feeling , just don’t let it control you.