Adrosol / Nandrosol

With the new Nandrosol coming out soon, I am very interested in trying, since I have had a lot of success with Androsol. I have read that stacking the 2 would be good. But since both are topical, spray on, how could you do this? Wouldn’t spraying both, one right after the other, miss up the obsortion rate?

I don’t think anywhere on T-mag has it been suggested that stacking Androsol and Nandrosol would be a very good idea. What you’d wind up with is simply a blend of the two, in other words you get half the benefit and half the side effects of Androsol plus half the benefit and half the side effects of Nandrosol.

Now it might be that you might like that blend better than either one alone, but usually the purpose of stacking is not to get merely a blend, but to get more total than the sum of the parts. For example, if using half as much Androsol and half as much Nandrosol, gave more results than either one alone, that would be synergistic and would be a good stack. I don’t expect that will be the case.

Spraying one on top of the other would have no adverse effect on absorption, either according to theoretical models or by comparison with other experiments using two or more drugs at the same time. They diffuse through the skin completely independently and, in effect, “ignore” each other.