Aching Elbow

I’ve got a elbow injury that has put my training to a halt and it is damn depressing. I took 4 weeks off hoping I would be good to go and it is still killing me. It really hurts when I am doing any type of curls, dead lifts or military presses. And it doesnt hurt on the front side in the joint; it hurts on the back side in the joint. Almost where the longhead triceps tendon would be. When I do a curl it shoots to the Brachioradalis and brachialis area. Im heading to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked out, but I know he is going to tell me I need to quit lifting. Has anyone else here had this problem? And if so what was it and how did you fix it? Basically all movements are restricted because I’ll irritate it. Good thing is that I can still get my squats in.



Have you tried Active Release? I’ve found it to be helpful for myself and many of my clients.

Check out for details and to find a provider in your area.


Sorry to hear about your injury. It seems that anytime I get an injury in the forearm area it takes a long time for it to heal. This might be due to the small muscles in that area, or lack of blood flow. Who knows?

My suggestions: Ice and lots of it! Ice the injury 4 to 6 times per day. 20 min on and about 60 min off. Secondly, massage therapy. I have a great massage therapist who has put me back together on more than one occasion. You might have some scar tissue in there that she/he can remove.

Thirdly, I would take three supplements: Glucosamine 1,500mg per day. MSM 3000 mg per day. And Fish Oil 4g to 6g per day. The supplements will take while to actually help you, but I suggest you start now.

Try to be paitent. Whenever I have an injury that prevents me from working my upper body I go all out to improve my legs! Make it work for you! Get excited about progressing with your leg program. Turn a negative into a positive!

If there is anything else that I could help you with don’t hesitate to PM me.

Best Of Luck,



Thanks for the information. I will look into some providers in my area. I did some research and it seems it could be great therapy.


Thanks for input and willingness to help! I will go get the supplements tomorrow. With all of the articles i have read on t-mag; I should have bought them a long time ago. I have already started in with the ice. It’s a bit annoying to do at first but I will do what I have to do to get healthy again. Unfortunately my appointment with my Dr. was cancelled so I wont have his opinion for a few days still. I have a feeling it has something to do with my tendons or smaller muscles because and that is why I have an idea of what my Dr. is going to say already. Which is stop lifting and take ibuprofen. Which seems to be his remedy for everything. I am currentlu searching for a new family Dr. anyways because of a recent relocation.

I am quite excited about my leg program. I planned on focusing on my lower body this winter anyways because i need to improve my performance in the flats while bicycling. Pushing the big gears in the flats isnt one of my strong points. Thanks for your advice and I will surely keep you posted on my recovery. It is driving me crazy, i feel like im getting softer every day.



Just following up on this. My Dr. came to the conclusion that I have tennis elbow.

Absolutely nothing has been helping this and he gave me two cortisone shots today, one on the outside and one on the inside. I was good to go when he did the outside one but when he did the inside and he had that needle damn near the bone, I got lightheaded real damn quick. Im not sure why it bothered me because I have been getting shots all of my life. he also prescribed an anti-inflammatory. And I have also started with the supplements that Zeb suggested.

By the way, the leg training has been great. I have been able to focus on them due to my damn hurtin elbow.