Hey all -
I’m considering starting a cycle of Accutane (isotretinoin) to get rid of my acne. Is there any reason for me to fear that it might affect my weightlifting progress?

LOL! I’ve never heard of Accutane use referred to as a “cycle” before. I’m waiting to hear on this forum, “I’ve just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I’m thinking of doing a cycle of chemotherapy, whadda ya think guys?”
Sorry, I had to bust your balls a bit. But seriously, when I was 17 I had cystic acne oozing from my chest and chin, and my dermatologist prescribed a 3 month “cycle” of accutane for me. It won’t affect your weightlifting progress, but it will make your skin peel, your nose bleed, and your lips will chap so bad you’ll look like an AIDS patient - but it works! Oh, you’ll look like a monster while you’re on it, but after the “cycle” is over, your skin will be as smooth and clear as a baby’s behind - and it will stay that way too! It’s definitely worth the suffering in the long run if you have a serious acne problem. But if you just have a few zits, go with something a bit less powerful.

No, I used it and there was no dropoff in my bodybuilding endeavors.

Yup, I also took it at 16 and agree with all those symptoms. But bottom line is that IT WORKS. So bite the bullet now, go through some skin weirdness for 3 months, and you’ll look really good when it’s all done. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

As far as lifting, it didn’t affect it. Just make sure you are drinking alot of water.