Absolute best Vitex product to get??

From research on the site, I’ve concluded that I should Internet-order either Solaray Vitex, or Femaprin. Would the majority of those that have used a Vitex product alone, agree? If anyone has any other little Vitex secrets or whatever, please let me know. I’ll be ordering some Monday. Thanks all.

I don’t think choice is critical so long
as you pick a product that has worked well
for others.

Contrary to my original expectation, it turns
out that dosing is not so critical: taking
somewhat more than needed is not counterproductive (I had thought it might lower prolactin too much and be counterproductive but in practice this doesn’t seem to happening, at least not within a reasonable range of doses.)

So since exact dosing is not critical, it doesn’t matter so much precisely how potent
each brand is.

The Solaray brand (the regular product not
the extract) is well proven at 400 mg per
day and is so inexpensive that there can’t
be much reason to use anything else. The
same no doubt could be said of some other
brands that have been found to work well
for people, but I don’t myself know what
they might be (others have mentioned some
but I don’t recall.)