Ab Pavelizers (Janda Situps)

HAs anyone tried the Janda sit ups or Ab Pavelizers, I read where it extrememely difficult to get 2 reps. How can you do this without buying his device? The description in T mag is a little sketchy. Thanks.

Dead easy to make. Cost me nothing at all and works a treat. I can do the 5 reps but I still have to use the rubber band each time. I do 3 sets of 5 each morning with 5 mins between sets. It is one of the two best ab movements I have ever tried. All abs and absolutely NO BACK. Sent me $5 and I’ll teel you how to make one for free. Now thats a good Xmas deal. JR.

What a deal! Only $5 and I can get it for FREE!? Well, I love free stuff, so just tell me where to sent the money.

i’ve done janda sit ups and they seem way too easy. yes, i did them properly. they are very effective when i was holding a 45 lb. plate on my chest for 5 reps at 323 tempo.

Hell, it’s the holiday season!! Let’s give ol’ Jeff and Chris a break!! Take your $5 and buy yourself a piece of pipe insulation and 2 bungee cords. Go to your power rack and set it on one of the holes near the bottom. What’s that you say… no power rack??? Simply take a barbell with 45’s on it, set it on the floor, and block it from rolling. Put the pipe insulation around the rung or bar. Attach the bungee cords by wrapping them around attaching them back on themselves. Ba-da bing, ba-da boom…you’re good to go!!! And the bonus…yes bonus…your not eating up any gym space with yet another piece of equipment!!! So there you go lads…happy freakin’ holidays from your uncle Midnight!

Yeah, but if I have to pay for the bungee chords and insulation then it isn’t free like the other guy promised. All I had to do is pay him $5 and it would be free! I still want to sent the money, because I am so in love with free things.

Seriously, thanks for the idea, but what purpose does the pipe insulation serve? Also, if I remember the description of how to do these (janda situps) yourself you would hang your heels over the top step of your staircase and have someone pull down on the tops of your feet. So would you put your heels over the bar? Is the insulation there just to keep your heels from hurting? Perhaps I better go back and read that ab training article, because I am one confused mother.

You seem like a standup guy. I’ll right you a blank check out to CASH. I did try them and they were easy. Something is wrong. Either this guy is a typical commie basturd, or there is something subtle I am missing.

OK.Everyone send $5 to …OK. Down to business. The power rack is good but listen to this. I have a decline bench purchased from “Bodysolid”, they advertise it in all the mags. On the xecline version there is a low bar with 6" lagging on it. It is intended to hold your feet when doing decline presses. This horizontal bar is attached to a vertical with holes in it allowing for adjustment. At the top of the vertical, where it slides through the main body of the bench, there is the ideal location for the bungie strap. So step 1, attach a bungy strap approx 18" total length. Step 2 sit a couple of weights on the seat of the bench to stop it moving. I use 20kg. Step 3, sit on the floor facing the bench and put your legs over the horizontal bar and at 90 degrees. ie your knee joint is at 90 degrees. Step 4, adjust the horizontal bar until it touches your calves.

Now the purpose of the movement is to isolate the ads completely, so if it is easy then you ain’t doin’ it correctly. First time it should be impossible without the bungies. So, with your legs over the bar and sitting up facing the bench, and holding the bungie, contract your glutes hard, really hard. This is necessary to isolate your abs, it takes your back out of the equation. Now contract your abs, hard at the same time and try to lower yourself. First thing is your feet will start to lift, second if you don’t hold the bungie, you will collapse. So allow yourself to move gradually down tensing and then relaxing the bungie until you pass the sticking point. It will take I’m sure 5-8 secs to go down the first time. Don’t forget to keep the glutes tight. OK. You are now float on the floor. Keep the tension and try to raise. Bet you can’t. So use the bungie for assistance and bit by bit you can get up. Thats 1 rep. So do 4 more and take a 5min rest. After 34 months of these, I can now do the first 2 reps without assistance, thereafter I need the bungie. No back pain and serious ab pain. The’re great. Have fun and don’t forget the $5.