A Question For Dr. Darden

Good Morning to all. I am 59, 5-11 and 234 pounds. I have been using different training programs to get back into shape, and while I do feel better I do want to lose some more fat. I have picked up and read Living Longer Stronger off of Amazon and found it to be a great read. My question is this - Once the six weeks is up, what do you recommend that I do for maintenance. Thanks in advance.

Read the chapters on maintenance in Part VII of LLS. Those should help you continue and eventually reach your goal.

My latest book, Still Living Longer Stronger, is a followup to the one you have. You should check it out. It’s available on Amazon.


I have the LLS book. I bought it when it first came out. I just picked up the hard cover Still Living Longer Stronger.

give yourself time and try to go to 205lbs , basically go towards 200lbs
i have recently done this and i can say honestly the biggest physical appearance change happens from 215-205

of course if you can go to the 180-190 range you would look even more lean

try to have a short term goal-mid term goal-long term goal
and as your approaching each term goal you’ll notice you’re already halfway to your long term goal.

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Thanks Bane. I’m going to go for 215 and reevaluate. I’ll keep you all posted.

Thank you sir! Nice to meet you. I’ve found the maintenance instructions in Chapter 7, I must have looked right over top of it.