30/30/30 and 30/10/30 Question

Hi Dr. Darden - The Body Fat Breakthrough and Killing Fat publications have two great workouts, but did I read they should only be used for one week every four - six weeks? I thought the trainees in the books per my recollection used 30/30/30 or 30/10/30 for up to six weeks or more if doing multiple rounds at the Gainesville training center …or is this incorrect. And if they weren’t used all six weeks, what did the trainees use in between or what is recommended? Thx -

If I remember correctly, the trainees applied 30/30/30 or 30/10/30 twice a week for three weeks – and then only once a week for three weeks. They did not do other exercises on their off days.

Thanks. So, if you’re at the point where you’re training 1x/week, you feel either of these protocols can be used regularly? (Don’t want to misrepresent your post.) The results definitely spoke for themselves in the books.

Yes, they can be used regularly. But I also like some variety.

Dr. Darden,

If I am following the Killing Fat plan. What other excercise is allowed in between the 2x Week workouts? Would rowing, walking on treadmill, working or on a Arc Machine be acceptable or are you limited to the 30-10-30 workouts

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If you are serious about losing fat, read chapter 20 in my Killing Fat book. Doing more exercise than the recommended twice-a-week plan is a mistake. You are better off sleeping and resting more.

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Getting lot of sleep and naps makes a difference. Not a very popular training Fitbit but rather effective nonetheless.

The great Bob Peoples said this:

“ I could have given more of my workout programs but they all follow the same pattern as outlined above — that is, daily training with a few exercises and working up to limit poundages and 3 to 5 reps. “

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