Hey I was thinking of using 5-HTP because i’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep lately. I’ll be really tired and I still wont be able to fall asleep. I was wondering if anyone had experience with it? If so was it good or bad? I’d get Melatonin but it’s not legal here in CAnada. I’m gonna give it a try eithe rway, gonna pick some up on Tuesday, but i’d still love to hear from you before then:)

Try ZMA - it helps me sleep more soundly, with vivid dreams.

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I would try ZMA if you are not using it. 5-HTP makes me drowsy in the morning. I like L-Theanine, Life Extension Foundation sales this product.

Yah I already use ZMA, problem is that it worked for the first couple of weeks, then after using it for a while the effect died down. I want to try 5-htp but I heard it has apetite supressing affects, and it’s definitely something I don’t want to experience during my massing phase.

They include 5-HTP in MD6 because it kills carb craving. It certainly doesn’t make you sleepy, at least not with MD6. Never tried it by itself. How about kava kava?

Smoke some dope!

If you take 5-htp at night to sleep, it won’t have any effect on your appetite during the day. 50mg personally doesn’t suppress my appetite, but 100mg does.

Although Melatonin is not legal in Canada, a lot of health food stores still carry it behind the counter (you just have to ask for it). At least this is the case in Toronto…
I take Melatonin every night and sometimes Kava Kava too.

Cool thanks for your help guys. I’ve tried Kava Kava, it never worked. My main problem is that i focus on trying to fall asleep, and can’t fall asleep, and it’s hard not to hehe.

I too live in the Toronto area. Any suggestions on what health food stores carry them behind the counter ? All the ones I have tried all say they don’t carry it.

I live in toronto (just north of it, in a suburb) and my local health food store carries melatonin behind the counter as well as some other stuff. but you have to be a regular customer to get it. Look around or order of the net.

Some people like GABA, but personally it makes me breathless rather than sleepy. I’d recommend GHB if it were legal, but it isn’t, so I won’t. Moving away from supplements, you might try somthing audio like bwgen.com (they have a free limited functionality version), or if you have the coin then mind-tek.com is the dogs nads.

There’s a health food store on Charles Street (which is south of Bloor) and it’s just west of Yonge. I think it’s called Your Good Health Store. There’s also a health food store in First CDN Place downtown that carries it.