4th Cycle: Test E, HGH

I am 5’10" 189lbs, 11.5% bodyfat via GNC machine

I took 2 UGL cycles was probably a little fat, then i took a 3rd cycle I had more pharma gear and Var but also a crazy fiance that had me pick her or the gear and I stupidly cut cold mid cycle. I preface with this as it caused some issues.

I got mild gyno, and threw my hormones way off. I took myself to a TRT clinic and got things more squared away. Lower than ideal libido and a noticeable caffeine intolerance if I want a quality erection. Gyno all but disappeared with Anastrozol, Clomiphene, and HCG.

I am looking to run 4ius ED HGH for 6 months, adding Test E to the mix

unsure if “low dosage” for the entire 6 months vs 500/650/750/500mg test e a week would be better as ive never used HGH before.

I would have HCG during cycle with adex or aromasin
would have Letro on hand

with intentions of running a HCG, Nolva, clomid pct but unsure if the “golden” pct was ideal or if a different dosage should be used with HGH.

Not that its any of my business but are you still with your fiancé? You did the right thing to choose your relationship but a PCT would have been best. From what I’ve read from @studhammer that dosage of HGH is probably correct although I read he recommended to start with 2 iu for a couple weeks first. I don’t personally get much from increasing my test above 500mg but others do. What have you run in the past? The HGH plus 500mg test pw sounds good to me but I wouldn’t run the test for 6 months.

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Like @blshaw said, I have run HGH for over a year now. Of course I’m 55 and my natural output is diminished. The reason I suggest tapering up is that water gain can be pretty rapid at 4 or 5 iu and carpal tunnel syndrome is really kicked up with HGH so there is tingling and numbness in your hands. Also, GH can cause blood sugar to drop so you need to be aware of that and be prepared with fast acting carbs. I control mine with metformin and don’t really have any issues.

You might want to try 2/day for a week then 3/day for a week, etc. until you hit your desired dose. Take it at night.

You also need to understand about reconstituting and storage and the how fragile HGH is once reconstituted. I preload about 14 syringes at once and store them in the bottom drawer of my fridge. I keep the un-reconstituted in my freezer.

You’ll need bacteriostatic water as well for reconstituting.

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No I am not, I did try to run the pct and she “caught me” still doing “steroids” and threw my pct away.

This was a year and a half ago and I feel like I got my body righted mentally and hormonally

The past 3 cycles all were test 500mg for 2 months and then each cycle I kinda went up to 650/750 except the last cycle I started at 650mg a week

I just wasn’t sure if with hgh I would do it totally different ie 500mgs a week for 12-15 weeks

I was simply told 3ius is good 4 is best

How serious of a concern is there for getting diabetes if any? I was told I would worry about that around 10ius which I have no intention of running.

Thanks for the heads up on handling.

I’m 31, but had a surgery where I died on the operating table. So my body produces lower Test/b12/gh etc etc. It’s rebounded a lot over the years thankfully

I’m certainly no Dr but it seems like diabetes would come from negative impacts to the function of the pancreas. I think replacement doses would be fine even with occasional higher doses for fat loss.

I just posted a How To Guide on HGH you might want to read.


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