48 Hours on fitness obsession

Anyone see this past week’s edition of 48 Hours with Dan Rather? The story was about the “Adonis Complex” (the behavior, not the book) among males and females, resulting in undereating, ephedrine-blamed deaths, overtraining, and depression. I thought the program made good points, but out of extreme examples (anyone can make a fitness culture look foolish by interviewing the most absurb of cases). The only reasonable character was Owen, the Men’s Health cover model who was notably happy, healthy, committed without being obsessed, and following a reasonable diet similar to what one would read on T-mag. Frankly, Owen made me feel more motivated rather than alarmed or introspective (as was the story’s intent). I do wish that these shows would also portray the examples of persons who take reasonable, measured steps in our fitness progress. I’ve gone from 36% to 14% bodyfat in a year (at 6’5", so that’s a LOT of progress–I wear my Testosterone shirt proudly), and my mood, temper, energy, and creativity have been improved by my physical adjustments. Anyone else see that story and have a personal reaction?

Far more hideous is the ‘AddOnus Complex’. People sit around, eat shit, get fat and blame everyone else for their situation. They even spend a lot of time and energy on finding fault with people trying to stay in shape. Yes you’re right, there are certainly the ones who take it too far but they are dwarfed, statisicly by lard asses! Thank God they gave Owen some air time. Congatulations on your success, T-Man.

Dude…36% to 14% in less than a year is pretty damn good. Keep it up.

I missed the show. What was Owen’s diet like?

I like that new ad that describes what the word obsessed means, that it is a lazy persons definition of being dedicated. 60 percent of our country is overweight, with over half that being obese. Expect these folks to try to bring you down to their level.

His diet was pretty much like ours–which is reassuring. Protein, including powder mixed in skim milk, and healthy carbs while avoiding bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice. Lots of water. No saturated fats; he refused the interviewer’s offer of a breakfast spread of bacon. His routine began with swimming laps in the morning, and in the afternoon it was the same routine he described in Men’s Health in their story about model workouts–racing up 250 stairs, then pushups, then walking down the stairs and repeating. They showed him alternating straight running up with hopping upward on one foot at a time, and even changing whether he raced on flat feet or on toes to target different leg muscles. He could do pullups like a mofo, too. And he’s 37.

Thats cool. I remember thinking when I read that that it is amazing he does not do much lifting.

Did he mention anything about MUFA’s??

And, Akicita, everytime you post those numbers, I am amazed. What took me 2 years, took you half the time. Keep it up!!

It looks likes more motivation for fat asses everywhere to stay fat! Believe me, this will make them feel that much better everytime they suck down a twinkie and go off into an insulin induced coma/sleep. They’ll go: Gee I’m glad I’m not obsessed with fitness (just food) . . .

No, he didn’t mention MUFA’s.

Thanks for the compliment, Tracey. I've recently regained some, though, because I spent a month doing very high-calorie eating because my metabolism had slowed from all the dieting. I wanted to jack it back up again and do a little "muscle support", so I'm a little softer again, but today is when I start cutting down again. I'm working hard for one of Tim's jackets.

Good point below–the story started by pointing out that 60% of Americans are overweight or obese…and then they spend the rest of the story picking on people trying to resist the current. They presented eating disorders, for example, as a correlary to fitness efforts.

Why don’t they ever do an investigative report into the lives of T-men who have been successful? That would be a GREAT story! “I’m Dan Rather. Akicita is known for being muscular, trim, and stunningly handsome. So what’s he doing that most people aren’t? We’ll follow him for a week and show you his diet and exercise routine. We’ll explain why he eats spoonfuls of pure FAT (flax, olive) to stay THIN, why he avoids cardio when losing weight, and why he only works out an hour a day every other day–instead of spending his life at the gym. All this and more, on tonight’s 48 Hours.”