40 Day Program + PLP. A Few Questions

Hello everyone,

since I’m your typical skinny fat guy I’m on a diet now to lean out. Doing a full body workout twice a week at the moment.

Once I’ve finsihed my diet I want to combine the PLP + 40 Day programm. I’ve chosen the following exercises:

2x5 Deadlift
2x5 Incline barbell bench
2x5 heavy biceps curls
30-50 Kettlebell swings

Q1: what would be a good heavy Abs exercise I can do for 5 reps? Cable crunches? Decline bench sit-ups with aditional weight?

Q2: Am I going to do these with max. load or 80/90% of my 1RM?

My workout plan is:

Mon 40 Day + PLP
Tue 40 Day + PLP
Wed 40 Day + PLP
Thu PLP only
Fri 40 Day + PLP
Sat 40 Day + PLP
Sun PLP only

I think this should allo me to recover well.

Q3: should I include incline treadmill sprints on PLP only days? I don’t have hills anywhere near me or a prowler/sledge available at my gmy.

Since this is not your normal gaining or fat loss programm I’m wondering if I should aim for maintenance calorie intakte or go with a slight surplus (200-300 kcal) on 40 Day/PLP days and maintenance on PLP only days?

Thank you guys

You are not skinny fat, you lack muscles.

Eat to grow.

Do not combine programs. Chose one, give it your all and do some conditioning.

Do not overthink this.

Could someone actually Explain what the heck skinny fat is!!! So tired of that term !! :rage: Such a freaking contradiction!!! Is it the new term used for " weak and flabby"?

What the heck is PLP?

Read 11 Training Tips for the Skinny Fat Ectomorph and PLP: The 60-Day Challenge

I’m not going to waste my time reading whatever article you linked. But I would advise you not to classify yourself under a certain “body type” before you learn how to eat and train correctly because this will turn out to be a self-limiting act in the end. Yes, there are exceptions such as struggling with obesity despite eating normally, which would require more focus on DIET and not the training itself.

Any program that isn’t retarded will work at your level. Just do it with intensity.

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What’s your current height, weight, and general fat level (a description is fine - pudgy, muffin top, moobs, some ab definition, etc.)?

Dan John loves the ab wheel. I hate it and strained my abs using it. Use whatever exercise allows you to work in the target rep range, but be aware that using heavy loads can quickly take the abs out of the “weighted ab exercise” and turn it into a different movement. Think about how heavy a 6-7RM decline crunch would be, and the associated stress on the low back.

From the article, "Never plan or worry about the weight or the load. Always stay within yourself and go heavy “naturally.” So, you should be able to get every rep on every set without grinding. use whatever weight allows that, and adjust as needed.

I think you should focus on doing one thing at a time. The 40-day plan is a high frequency strength-focused program. PLP is a high frequency bodyweight program designed to supplement more traditional training. I don’t know why you’d be doing treadmill sprints. Figure out your specific goal (and I’ll pre-emptively say that, “get stronger and drop fat” isn’t a specific goal) and stick with the program best designed for it.

A Chad Waterbury routine that calls for push-ups, lunges, and pull-ups every day for 60 days, gradually increasing the reps each workout.

Actually @Chris_Colucci my question was more rhetorical in nature, I know what the term applies, Im just so tired of hearing the term for some reason. Sorta hits me like nails across a chalk board when I read that term used.

You have been in the game enough too know the answer to that one. Most think its too simple of a answer. Most are looking for the perfect approach to make them a stud in 90 days or less with as little effort as possible.