4 Year Progress, 6´1, 86kg/190lbs

This is my 4 year transformation, from 19y to 23y. My bodyweight went from 72kg/158lbs to 86kg/190lbs at 187cm/6,1feet. Sorry I dont have better before pictures.

Three big lifts:
Squat: 180kg
Deadlift: 235kg
Benchpress: 125kg



What do you think about the progression? What bodyfat do you reckon that I am today?


I reckon you did a terrific job!

Keep training!

BF probs around 12%

Your journey has only just begun :slight_smile:

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Nice work! Give us some details about your training and diet.

And forget about body fat percentage. Your body fat percentage is “abs.” You’re good! :smile:


Your deadlift being greater than 100lbs more than your squat is a big red flag, IMO. You need to focus on good squat form. Being almost 6’ 2" is probably the problem. Post a video and we might possibly get your squat more in line with your deadlift.

Who cares about a number (percent body fat), when the mirror is telling the real story? For arguments sake, I’ll say your percent body fat is 22%. The number has only one benefit: bragging rights. That said, I used percent body fat measurements to track progress. The precise number isn’t important, it is whether the number is getting better, or not.

You looked quite good in the before picture, and tbh you look almost exactly the same in the after. I see very little difference.