3rd Cycle, 23 y/o. Test/Deca/Tren/Cardarine

Hey all.

I started lifting weights at around 12, started training seriously around 16, went from 142lbs to 238lbs over the course of 4 years, this was purely eating and weightlifting. Spent 21 leaning out, still natty, at 22 I began dabbling with sarms cycling in order to lean out, specifically I was stacking Cardarine, S23, and Rad140.

Eventually I shut down my testosterone completely, went on TRT with Test Cyp and HCG at low doses to get my levels back up, I did this for a while followed by a PCT protocol. Waited a little while, then ran Testosterone Cypionate at 500mg a week for 10 weeks, followed by another 8 weeks with both Testosterone Cypionate and 250mg a week of Deca-Durabolin.

Saw some great progress after that. Current weight is 206, caliper tested at 11% body fat. Deadlift is 585, Bench is 385, Squat is 450.

I want to run another cycle 30 or less days from now, it’s been roughly 2 months since I finished my last PCT protocol. I want to lean out to around 5% body-fat, and pack on as much lean muscle mass as possible.

Here is what I want to do:

Weeks 1 - 10

-Testosterone Cypionate 500mg/week
-Deca Durabolin 125mg/week
-Trenbolone Acetate 50mg EOD, might bump up dose to 100mg EOD if responding well.
-Aromasin 10mg EOD
-Cardarine 20mg/day
-Nolva (As needed to stave off gyno)

Perfect PCT from evolutionary

Let me know what you think.

So what you’re saying is you had AIS (anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism), couldn’t recover, hopped on TRT, went OFF trt, THEN started cycling? If I’m wrong then let me say a few things

  • Tren + Deca… why?
  • Do you have any idea within relation to the risks you’re inducing, not only AAS induced medical ailments (long term)
  • Cardarine’s association with rapid tumour growth (lower HED than 20mg/day)
  • Why do you want to be 5% BF, are you planning to compete, the metabolic stress and overall potential for harm induce by dropping body fat content down to essential levels, I can list many potential issues in relation to maintaining such a low BF% for prolonged periods of time. Perhaps AAS may mitigate some of these issues, but they still exist. 8% would be preferred goal, unless you wish to only maintain such a BF% for a week or so,

That explains a lot. Do yourself a favor and avoid taking advice from that place. At one point they actually recommended that people use SARMs during pct. They’re pretty much just a bunch of grey market dealers posing as neutral dispensers of advice. You’ve been warned.


Basically I fried my levels with sarms, I crashed out hard and didn’t recover even after running a short pct with clomiphene and nolva. I went to a TRT clinic, my levels were low enough that they felt I should be on a low dose combined with anastrozole and HCG, I later got off of that and then hopped on a cycle.

The original (3rd) cycle I was planning on was Tren and Test only, I was tempted to stack because of the additional nitrogen retention from Deca, and because my body responded very well to it the first time. (Also because I have an extra bottle of Deca just sitting around that I’ve been itching to break into)

I’ve already dealt with ED, some back acne, mild gyno which was knocked out by Nolva, but aside from that I’ve had a doctor monitoring my bloodwork and haven’t had issues with elevated liver enzymes or kidney damage. I did notice my blood was getting pretty thick so I dump it at the Red Cross every 6 weeks.

Cardarine, I was unaware that anything had been proven linking it to tumor growth, I’ve kept up with medical journals on it and have only seen positive effects. It’s helped my lung capacity immensely, do you have anything I could read over on it?

My agent has been encouraging me to break into underwear and fitness modeling, I have test shoots for a couple of major brands scheduled in mid-January. I wouldn’t need to maintain that level of body-fat for any particular length of time, but I would need to be able to time it with my photoshoots. Sitting between 6% and 8% would be adequate until the time of the shoot.

As for the PCT, I just grabbed the evolutionary PCT protocol a couple days ago but have never tried it. All I did coming off of this last cycle was take 100mg of clomid per day for 2 weeks, followed by 50mg of clomid for two weeks.

Thank you, I’ve never used it before but I came across it a couple days ago, duly noted!

The cardarine cancer risk is non-trivial but ultimately unlikely with lower doses. Maybe. If it’s me I go with something that has 0% chance of cancer vs something that has a non-zero chance. I’ve written about this before in another forum and I honestly don’t have the energy to explain the minutia of it. Take it, don’t take it, it’s ultimately your body. But if you’re asking a stranger without any bias the answer is a pretty resounding no.

If you’re attempting to model and be at 6-8% bf then deca is not your jam. Test/tren/mast would be the go-to stack for that sort of goal.

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