30 Minutes of Medium Intensity Cardio 7 Days a Week?

I realize does not fall under Hit but can you do 30 minutes of medium intensity 7 days at 30 minutes on a recumbant bike?

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As long as you can recover from it.

Thank you.
What does that mean?
I feel fine the next day.

If, after a period of several weeks/months you find that you are experiencing signs of under-recovery, it would be a good idea to train less or eat more.

What do you call medium intensity? What metrics are you using to gauge it? Heart rate? Pace? RPE?

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level 12 on a schwinn recumbat heart rate at 140

What percentage of your max heart rate is 140 bpm?


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Because the thinking for cardio these days, is to keep the heart rate in zone 2. If 140bpm is higher than say, 75% of the maximum heart rate, then that canā€™t be considered moderate, and would be harder to recover from.

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Thanks, sgg ā€” the ā€˜Why?!ā€™ was for the original poster!!

I used to do cardio six or seven days a week (25 minutes each time) and loved it. Felt so energetic. Saw my lipid numbers improve a bit. However, I had to reduce it to three days because of knee achiness.


I also wouldnā€™t do it 7 days a week eitherā€¦based on the reasons outlined in this videoā€¦

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